iPhone Vapor Pro by Element Case Review & Video

This is one where we say, “Where do we begin?” Ok here goes, Element Case Design Studio who are the masterminds behind some of the most elegant cases in the world, and they have been kind enough to send Phones Review the iPhone Vapor Pro case.

We will go into detail about this custom case that we received, we so hope you enjoy what we have to say as well as all our photos we have taken of this product, and our very own (Voice Free) video we have added as well (Please watch YouTube Video Below).

Element Case are the manufacturers of high-quality accessories and today is all about the iPhone Vapor Pro case, you can create and custom colour your very own case to the taste that suits you, this means you get a unique and one-of-a-kind look. This case will fit the iPhone 4 and the 4S and Element Case custom page gives you the choice of 14 different anodized flux colours for the frame and cap components. You can also choose between 18 different suede back-plate colours, you can colour the frame, cap, power button, bridge insert, screws and the back plate.

In the Box
You will get in the box the two piece precision machined aluminium iPhone frame, aerospace polymer insert, ultra suede ear pad, ultra suede protective back plate, screen protector, speed wrench and a molded zipper case.

First Impressions
We really love the packaging, it is small and very informative inside and out and offers many instructions etc. As usual we always take photos of the products we are sent, and started to take items out of the box one piece at a time as you can see below.

Sexy, cannot wait to get this on our Apple iPhone 4S, wow this looks great, hope it is easy to put on the smartphone, these are some of the many things that ran through our heads. So our first impressions are bright and so far so good as they say.

The Design
The design of the Vapor Pro iPhone custom case is top notch, and in that only the best materials are used and you can see and feel this. The Vapor Pro is Element Case’s flagship model, the frame that runs around the edge of the iPhone is CNC machined aluminium and comes with two joining components, this is where the 4 screws come into play (You can even custom colour these in either black, gold or silver.

The Vapor Pro is the flag ship model in our Vapor line for iPhone 4/4S.The perimeter frame of the Vapor Pro offers more by using two joining components (lower frame and upper cap). The Vapor Pro’s perimeter frame is slightly taller in profile than the comp for a bit more protection. The Vapor Pro perimeter frame is neatly integrated with an aerospace polymer bridge.

The Key Features
The materials used such as CNC machined aluminium and ultra suede protects your iPhone 4 or 4S from knocks drops, scrapes as well as adding that extra class your expensive iPhone deserves.

The Positives
This could be endless so we will keep it short and sweet, it looks fantastic in its box is one thing but installed onto your iPhone is another. The Vapor Pro case is a thing of beauty and we really love this, it is well-built and very comfortable to hold in the hand. The look and the feel are second to none.

The Negatives
There are a couple of negatives and the first one is when docking into a speaker dock, or more on the lines of not being able to dock, we have a number of stereo speaker docks one being the Bose system. You cannot dock your iPhone 4S with the Vapor Pro Case attached, we also have a number of gadgets such as an iPhone controlled RC car and you cannot attach the receiver into the iPhone 4S.

Phones Review Overall Summary
We really love the iPhone Vapor Pro case by Element Case, absolutely stunning is the words we will say here. We would most definitely recommend one, you will have to have a few pounds/dollars if you want one these as they are not cheap. All the photos you see here is of our very own customised case for our black iPhone 4S, our one here includes Each element adds a price: Vapor Pro Fire Ultrasuede Back Plate $9.99 – Vapor Pro Cap Fire Flux Finish $43.00 – Vapor Pro Frame Fire, Flux Finish $55.00 – Vapor Pro RF Insert Black $12.00 – Vapor Pro Screws Black $8.00 and Vapor Pro Button Black $8.00. Please check out more photos and a video below..

Where to Buy and Price
The iPhone Vapor Pro case as standard costs $129.99, but the customised version we made above costs a total of $135.99. Please visit Element Case and go get your custom made Vapor Pro case, you will not be disappointed.

More Hands-On Photos The video can be viewed below the photos – PLUG IN SOME HEADPHONES OR TURN THE VOLUME UP – we designed our own music that we hope you like.


5 thoughts on “iPhone Vapor Pro by Element Case Review & Video”

  1. Reply
    Mariahhay says:

    I am very disappointed in Element Case. I have been using a
    Vapor pro with nothing but good things to say for the past 7 months. I recently
    upgraded to the iphone 4S and my case does not fit correctly. When I screw it
    down the whole way the button on the top is held down, disabling the phone. When
    I e-mailed to report the problem I was told I was out of luck as the warranty
    is up. I expected more service than this for a $170 iPhone case.

  2. Reply
    Mitnadev52 says:

    I was looking at this and read MariahY’s comment. As I have a 4s I’m concerned. Has this been problem been resolved?

    Second, while it looks gorgeous, how well does it protect? I currently use a Ballistic Case. Being active and doing things like shooting sports, it provides awesome protection , but, looks like hell when at a social or business function.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    1. Reply
      Mariahhay says:

      I have been given a direct contact but as of yet, have not achieved any resolution. Up untill now – I have been very happy with the look, quality, and protection of the case.

  3. Reply
    robertl says:

    This is one very bad company to do business with. No responses from customer service after they billed my PayPal account over 2 weeks before shipping. Stay away….

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