More affordable Samsung Galaxy Appeal added to AT&T line-up

While having the latest and most powerful smartphone available may be high on many people’s wish lists, for some it may not be practical let alone financially viable. Today though a more affordable Samsung Galaxy Appeal has been added to AT&Ts line-up of smartphones.

Some carriers are sometimes guilty of not always offering a balanced selection of smartphones for their prepaid plans, and as Pocket Now are reporting if you are still pining for that physical QWERTY keyboard AT&T and its GoPhone service is about to get a new offering to tempt you.

The Samsung Galaxy Appeal is a lower priced Android offering that features a slid-out QWERTY keyboard, and will still come running the Gingerbread operating system. Apart from this you get a 3.2-inch HVGA screen powered by an 800MHz Snapdragon S1 processor packing 512MB or RAM, and it even has a three megapixel shooter on board.

While the handset is not aimed at those wanting to watch Netflix or playing the most power hungry games, it will be ideal for those that want a smaller device that is ideal for phone messaging, social networking, and the odd spell of web browsing.

The carrier has other QWERTY handsets available for the GoPhone service such as the HTC Status or the Samsung DoubleTime, but the Galaxy Appeal is one of the only models that feature a traditional slider. The handset will be available from June 5th and exclusive to Walmart to begin with, but wider availability with other retailers will start on June 15th.

AT&T has not revealed any pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Appeal yet, but expect it to fall somewhere in the $200 to $300 price range. Do you like the look of the Samsung Galaxy Appeal and need a prepaid handset?

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