S Voice knows Apple CEO but not Samsung’s

It appears that it is not just the iPhone and Siri that gives embarrassing answers to queries such as when recently Siri named the Nokia Lumia 900 as the best smartphone in the world, which Apple soon responded to by updating the Siri software so it responds with humorous answers, and now it would appear that Samsung’s S Voice had made a bit of an embarrassing faux par as well.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, the S Voice assistant that is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to know more about rival Apple than it does its own maker, as a Phone Arena reader apparently asked S Voice the question…who is the CEO of Samsung, to which S Voice responded…I’m sorry I don’t have the answer, would you like to search the web?

Which in all honesty would be fine, although one would imagine a Samsung made voice assistant would know that sort of thing, but strange as it might appear, when it comes to Apple, S Voice is more informed, as when asked who is the CEO of Apple, the voice assistant responded…Timothy D. Cook, (image below.)

No doubt once the Galaxy S3 actually gets into the hands of the public there will undoubtedly be many more humorous and embarrassing responses from the S Voice feature, as was found with its counterpart on the iPhone, but really this is surely one big embarrassment for Sammy don’t you think? No doubt Samsung will be quickly sorting that out before too long though.

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