Samsung Galaxy S3 breaking records before release: Update

We are only six days away now from the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 via certain retailers, but ahead of the handsets availability it seems Samsung has another winner on its hands as the device is already breaking records.

UK carrier Vodafone has exclusivity on the 32GB version of the handset for one month, and according to a report over at TechRadar the carrier is saying the device is already breaking sales records. The smartphone features a 4.8-inch display and eight megapixel camera along with a number of new software features, and the device has seen the amount of pre-launch hype that is normally reserved for Apple’s new smartphones.

A Vodafone spokesperson stated that the carrier was “really encouraged by our customers’ response to the Samsung Galaxy S III”, and it was the most pre-ordered Android smartphone that the carrier has ever provided. The carrier is also offering customers the chance of 2GB of mobile data along with 100 free music tracks for a limited time, which is also proving to be a popular offer.

While the handset is not yet reaching the pre-order levels that are normally seen with a new Apple iPhone, for the Android platform the handset looks to be leaving rivals offerings in its wake. Retailer Carphone Warehouse has also seen high demand for the upcoming handset, with thousands putting their orders in within the first 24 hours of it being available.

There are reportedly around ten million pre-orders for the handset globally already, and it seems Samsung is well on course to beat the success that the Galaxy S2 has seen with twenty million sales reached by February this year.

Previously we told you that a Samsung store in London was going to offer the handset a day early on the 29th of May, and now the Carphone Warehouse will also be offering the handset a day early as well for customers that have pre-ordered the handset.

Update: Update: It seems there will be delays with the Pebble Blue version of the Galaxy S3 as multiple sources are saying that a manufacturing issue has meant the loss of almost 600,000 rear casings for the handset, and some online retailers have also according to the Android Community sent out emails saying that shipments of the blue version have been stopped.

Have you pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 breaking records before release: Update”

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    Aisha Clarke says:

    Unfortunately, though I do want one (badly) I also don’t have a spare £500 and £28 a month is still a bit pricey for only 100 mins/texts/Mbs. I currently easily use 300-400mb a month on a Lumia, so I’d need a very expensive contract.

    It’s a shame as I think this phone deserves to be a record breaker. Wifi charging is a killer app in my eyes, so having a champion like the S3 would be brilliant.

    Still not pleased with the plastic case though Sammy!

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