Android Jelly Bean release may see 5 Nexus devices

Later last year we saw the release of the latest Google Nexus handset in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which also debuted the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Now there is news of the possibility that we will see five Nexus devices with the release of Android Jelly Bean.

There were reports recently that suggested there could be a number of Nexus devices coming later this year, and now according to an article over at Redmond Pie the Nexus devices will be released on November 5th. This date has significance because it is when Android platform will reach five years old, and to have five devices all running Android Jelly Bean would be a good way to celebrate that birthday.

Last year there was only one device launched for Android 4.0, but this year it seems Google is looking to appeal more to fans with a choice of hardware with the launch of the new software. There is the chance though that all the devices will be provided by Samsung, which may disappoint those who are not fans of the company.

Not only will it give Android fans something to look forward to but Google could also rain on Apple’s party and the iPhone 5 release that should come just before then. Having a line-up of five devices Google could cover all bases from the top end quad core handsets down to cheaper devices. It is not known whether the devices will be released or just announced on that date, but the Galaxy Nexus was revealed on October 18th last year, and begun being pushed out the device in November.

If the rumours are true and coming shortly after any new iPhone release the smartphone wars will certainly intensify between Apple and Google, and just in time for the busy Christmas shopping season.