Google+ Android app May 24 update: What’s new

If you are one of the Android faithful out there that enjoys accessing Google’s social network, Google+ via your Android device, you just might like to know that the Google guys have as of today the 24th of May, updated the Google+ for Android app, and the updated version is now live on the Google Play Store.

I’m pretty sure the Android faithful that use the Google+ app for Android already know what the mobile app is all about and that it lets you circle people so you can share whatever you wish with them, along with instant upload of images and videos to your private albums and share them if you wish, and have video chats with up to nine other users via Hangout.

And now the Google guys shave updated the Android Google+ app, so here’s what is new to the application…the user can now initiate a hangout from the main menu, messenger suggestions for people that might know you, support for post editing, a visual refresh of the stream along with improved navigation, and you can now download images from posts or messenger conversations.

So there you go, a nice newly updated Google+ app for the Android faithful to play along with, and at least it just goes to show that the Google guys are not simply letting the Android mobile app stagnate without updates.

Personally, although I do have the Google+ app on my Samsung Galaxy S, and at times do use it, I usually access Google+ on my PC as I am on there posting about mobile gear everyday, but I am sure there are many that use the Google+ mobile app daily on their Android device, so got grab the updated version from Google Play.

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