Control AGA iTotal cooker via iPhone app

It appears that these days there is an app that allows your iPhone to do just about anything, even down to remotely operating your kitchen oven no matter where you are, as apparently AGA Rangemaster has selected Everything Everywhere to enable customers to talk to their AGA cooker via an iOS app, website or text.

According to an article over on iPhone Rumors, a new mobile app is to release with the AGA iTotal Control cooker on the 1st of July, and the app will be compatible with the iPhone and Android devices via both iTunes and Google Play.

The mobile app controls the AGA cooker by way of an Orange SIM card being integrated into the oven, and as such can remotely control the new cooker via an iPhone, and an Android smartphone, or if you don;t own a smartphone, you can control the AGA iTotal cooker from a mobile phone via SMS text with commands such as ‘all ovens off.’

Furthermore if you don’t happen to have any phone signal, you can opt to use a wireless network and control the AGA cooker via the web, more details can be found by hitting up the AGA website.

Apparently the iOS and Android apps look similar to the dedicated website, and shows the same text commands when the given symbol is pressed on the touch screen, and of course you will need to register your cooker before being able to remotely access it.

Both the iPhone and Android applications are free to download from iTunes and Google Play; however on checking both I couldn’t locate them, so perhaps they are not available until the AGA iTotal cooker comes out.

Another thing one should be made aware of, when purchasing an AGA iTotal Control cooker, which costs a whopping £10,190, you will also be required to sign up for a 12-month contract for use of that Orange SIM card, which will set you back £5.95 per month via direct debit.

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