iPhone 5 popularity and choice to buy

WWDC 2012 will be kicking off June 11 and one of the most anticipated announcements is the iPhone 5, no one is too sure if this new smartphone will even get a mention at this event, but we believe it is on the cards.

As we all know Apple always likes that element of surprise, it is websites like ourselves who report the news and then the hype goes absolutely mental only to get a real kick in the teeth when no mention of a long awaited product does not even get revealed. Remember when we thought the new iPad was going to be called the iPad 3, or the iPhone 4S was going to be released in June but then it was October, and then the iPhone 4S had no major design change. This time is no different when it comes to hype, but yet still very exciting indeed to find out more as new news comes flying in.

Yesterday we reported the latest news surrounding iPhone 5 supplies, we mentioned that Apple and Foxconn are working together to build a brand new factory in China; this will be the main base where dedicated parts for major products like the iPhone 5 will be made. Will the iPhone 5 be released early this year or more like October like the iPhone 4S release?

No one knows what the design of the new iPhone 5 will look like, and the 6th generation Apple smartphone has had many mock-up ideas, so many concepts of this new handset has hit the web in full force and we are hoping Apple sees this to give them ideas on a whole new scope. Some believe that WWDC 2012 will only reveal a new MacBook line refresh and iOS 6; there will be plenty of customers at boiling anger point if the iPhone 5 does not get a mention.

Some of the features expected to bless the iPhone 5 include multi-point focus on the smartphones updated rear camera, this is new technology for Apple where users can select multiple points of focus on the touchscreen display. Apple could even be bringing a whole new quad-core A6 processor. Other cool features could include: 3.95 to 4-inch screen, mini Thunderbolt connection that would say goodbye to the 30-pin dock connector, 12-megapixel rear camera, iOS 6, FaceTime HD front camera, new type of home button that lights up, Retina HD display that should be a must, would also be great to see the likings of 4G LTE connectivity (certain countries of course) and 3D sound.

We here at Phones Review could sit here all day writing about the iPhone 5, but the real question we would like answered is “Will you be buying the new iPhone 5 upon release?” Maybe Android floats your boat more and will favour the Samsung Galaxy S3, please do let us know what you would prefer, call it a survey if you like.

Please remember we will be covering WWDC 2012 from June 11th, please head on down below to the commenting area and let us know if you will be buying the iPhone 5, even if you are not we would like to know why. Thanks guys and girls.


35 thoughts on “iPhone 5 popularity and choice to buy”

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      paul says:

      Im buying android, so sick of the tiny screen and looks like the 5 will still be the smallest phone around. And i waited all this time for a 4inch screen. Galaxy note then i can do emails and see them and have 3d maps already. Goodbye old iphone rock on 5.3inch galaxy note a few of my friends have them,Fantastic device

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    DB says:

    Yep I’ll be picking the iPhone 5 up. I have an iPhone 4 at the moment and didn’t bother with the iPhone 4S upgrade so about ready for a new phone anyway. Holding out for the iPhone 5 rather than any android phones which (in my opinion) can’t compete with the user experience iPhones can deliver.

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    Msnjasemski says:

    I will be buying it to coincide with my iPad and iMac. I like the size of my htc screen but the battery is awful. I am due for upgrade now and Have a broken screen, but I will wait for the new iPhone…it better have the large screen

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    Kyrie_eleison31 says:

    No not really I am done with the iPhone having gone through 2 versions of it already. Not unless it completely changes and not just adds more pixels or an improved Siri. I have no loyalty to the brand anyway. And why should I since Apple has never really consulted me in its design. Besides I prefer to try new phones and not just stick with one brand.

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    Paula-meyer says:

    Yes, all four of us here are over due for the upgrade. We bought ipod touches to get us by till it releases. Desperately Waiting.

  5. Reply
    Paul says:

    Will be buying one if the battery life increases!
    Come on Apple sort it out……….

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    Scotty_01uk says:

    i would like to see 12mp camera full hd 3d better sound quality maybe louder also full functions of bluetooth a standard memory of 32GB and a fm transmitter

  7. Reply
    Jwaterhouse86 says:

    Hopefully better glass that doesnt shatter so easily on front and back. Better internet 3g speed and longer battery life.

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    Smithmr1 says:

    I will be purchasing the iPhone 5, if it comes out in June. If its the October release, then I will be using android.

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    Jackie Stait says:

    I think they could announce the iPhone 5 in WWDC on June 11th but I bet it won’t get a release until September/October time, they usually do this with their IOS operating system so why not the phone. Whatever the case I am patiently waiting for it to come out I currently have Sony Xperia S but this is just to keep me going to the new iPhone 5 comes out.

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    OfficialMarks says:

    I’m on Android now and my contract expires next month!  I’m holding on for the new iPhone!  Can’t wait!

  11. Reply
    Mark says:

    I would definitely buy the new iPhone I’ve been counting the days to the new WWDC Keep us in the loop

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    Matthew91188 says:

    I still have an iPhone 4 as I didn’t take 4s waiting for the new revamp. If iPhone 5 comes out in June or July, I’m sticking with iPhone and getting the 5 long as it has a bigger screen, else I’m going with galaxy s3

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    Paulsmarsh says:

    can someone tell me why they next iPhone will be called iPhone 5? what does the 5 have to do with anything

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    Xmrmorino says:

    I will be buying the iPhone 5. Because it is so simple but complex! I have had and android and it was very cool but it was to complicated to use so I will be getting an iPhone 5

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    Yo!! says:

    i wont but iphone 5 unless it has a 4.3(+) inch display and a new design….i prefer the design of ipod touch 4 and if it doesnt show up in June, i will get a Galaxy SIII or One X….

  16. I have the iPhone 4 right now and love the design.  I really didn’t like the iPhone  3 design.  So if they go back to that strange rounded thing I wont be getting the 5.  I prefer the harder lines of the 4.  I had never really been a fan of apple until I ended up with the iPhone.  Their service and help in the apple store has started to change my mind about them.  But I’m not sure I could switch from PC – I simply can’t justify the cost and inability to modify components on my own.

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    jjthebond says:

    No matter what other hell companies produce….I’ll still go for iPhone coz I simply love for its smoothness and security…..and I hate Samsung to the core after all they don’t own a decent OS but making use of android to catch the market….disgusting Samsung !!!

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    Jumping_jacky says:

    Of course I will be, an iPhone 5 will be perfect, as all other iPhones have been. It’s crazy how much apple have changed the thechnology industry. They are innovative and there designes are always anticipated, and always beautiful. I’m writing this in my gorgeous iPad 3, and it’s an insight into the future of other companies, R.I.P Microsoft. Apple is brilliant, despite the high prices, which by the way, I like, because it helps to keep the brand exclusive and not cheap like HTC Wildfire or Samsung galaxy tab, apple is brilliant, cannot wait for the iPhone 5, I’m googling it every day!

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    Brendan Hill says:

    I will be getting the iPhone 5 no questions asked you could say I’m an apple lover what with me already owning the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch 4th gen, apple tv 3rd gen and macbook pro 13″ apple is like the best company in the world there prices are only more expensive than other company’s because you pay for the 110% quality build, reliability and detail so for as long as apple keeps delivering there amazing products I’m just gonna have to keep spending my money with them

  20. Reply
    Trejo495 says:

    I want the new iphone. My contract ends around November which is perfect if apple release it on

  21. Reply
    Rob Corsi says:

    Should the new iPhone have comparable specs to the top Android phones I will probably be buying a new iPhone.

  22. Reply
    Jeromerome1 says:

    Considering that I’m eligible to upgrade every 12 months and I always sell my old iPhone for more than I pay for my new iPhone I will definitely be buying. Android is like PC they keep trying to copy apple but when you have hardware and software designed by different companies it’s not going to work quite as well as if they were designed together.

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