Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Sony Xperia Arc and Neo

For those Android faithful out there that own the Sony Xperia Arc or the Sony Xperia Neo smartphones, and have been patiently awaiting the arrive of the Android Ice cream sandwich update to be rolled out to your chosen Xperia smartphone, it appears your long wait to gain ICS is finally come to an end.

According to the guys over at the Xperia Blog, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update has now become available to the Sony Xperia Arc and Sony Xperia Neo, and will be updated to Android 4.0.4, whilst the phone will remain on kernel 2.6.32.

Furthermore, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update is also rolling out to the Sony Xperia Ray, Sony Xperia Neo V and the Sony Xperia Arc S, which were previously running Android 4.0.3. The image above was sent in by an Xperia Blog reader, showing that the Xperia Neo V has indeed been updated to firmware build number 4.1.B.0.431.

Those that own the Sony Xperia Arc can find out which SI numbers have been updated by hitting up here, and those that own the Sony Xperia Neo can also find out by hitting up here, whilst other Xperia 2011 smartphones should see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich updates rolling out soon.

So there you go, Android ICS is hitting Sony Xperia devices, so feel free to let us know if you have had your Sony Xperia Arc or Sony Xperia Neo updated to Android 4.0.4 yet or not, by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


42 thoughts on “Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Sony Xperia Arc and Neo”

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    Soumya Sinha says:

    I just checked for my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc for Android update, but Sony Ericsson PC Companion 2.0 says “Your phone is up to date”

    I’m currently on Android 2.3.4.

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    Stephan says:

    I have updated my neo v to ICS and lost my 3g connectivity, I really hope this so call update fixes that bug……

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    aafaq says:

    dear   friends  ,,,i   have  recently   purchased  sony  experia  neo v  ,, but  i am  not  able  to  lock my   gallery  ,

    kindly   send me  any  info  so that  i  can  lock   my  gallery .

    1. Reply
      Samirbankhele69 says:

      Dude it’s not possible, however if u want to keep ur
      private photos, video’s safe, u can download Keep Safe application or vault from Google play.

    2. Reply
      Jordan Delchev says:

      download from google play “hide it” and you can choose whitch file to lock and you can see it there                                                                                                                                                          sorry for the bad spelling

  4. I am getting 4.0.3 upgrade notification from couple of weeks for my Neo V via PC companion software but still no upgrade notification for 4.0.4. I am not upgrading my phone to 4.0.3 due to negative reviews by users who have already upgraded. Waiting for 4.0.4 🙂

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    Franciz says:

    Hey guys..!
    Mine was Xperia arc
    Now my Andriod version is 2.3.4
    It’s possible tome to upgraded to 4.0.2 because I have tried a few times on my PC but failed..!

    Malaysia here..!

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    Meh says:

    i have got xperia arc and still on 2.3.4… why am i not getting upgrade… i am from UK and the phone is unlock… how long sony takes to upgrade all SI numbers in the list??? i have to wait for the month for this???

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    Nodieskys gonzales mendoza says:

    I cannot wait for the upgrade I dont have yet .I have a sonny xperia arc SI NUMBER IS 1246  1838 I have ben checking every single day two times a day and nothing , please please please ..

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    Sameehan says:

    Got sony Xperia Arc with SI number 1248-3585. I am currently in Italy. Could anyone tell me when the update will reach this SI batch?

  9. Reply
    andy says:

    It’s ridiculous how o2 are taking so long to release the update, certainly won’t be buying o2 again

  10. Reply
    guest says:

    my arc s on three uk has had both the android 4.0.3 update and am currently updating to 4.0.4 yes :) Sony even releasing the update is good i think, my old htc never received one update in all the time i had it

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    rahul says:

    got ics on my xperia s…its just amazin!
    sony has done a good work this time
    very happy after this update! 🙂

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    Siddharth Banker says:

    HI…..I have an Arc here in India.
    There is a reminder suggesting for an update (4.1.B.0.431) every time I connect the phone to PC . 
    Is the new ICS worth updating??

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    Rob says:

    Still waiting for O2 to release the update for Xperia S – I even asked in my local O2 shop and they had no idea when it would happen.

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    kiran says:

    Got Sony Xperia Neo V fully updated 4.0.4 ICS ..its amazing ..works smoothly.. got new themes amazing wallpapers.. download go launcher for amazing themes 

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    @@AT@@ says:

    its good to update sony ericsson neo to Ice Cream Sandwich????
    and what are the features of tht??
    right now i m using 2.3.4 version of android

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    Psaganesh says:

    Hi ,
    I  am using Xperia Arc(from India) . i don’t still get any update notification in my phone. what should i do. Please help

  17. Reply
    Tom says:

    had my sony xperia arc s lt18i for nearly 3 months n on o2 n went straight to 4.0.3 days after i got it n its lovely, fast responsive no complaints at all what soo ever 

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    pang says:

    Hi, i’m in Singapore and an Xperia Arc (not Arc S) user.

    I was hesitating to update to ICS because i’m not sure if my device can handle it.Has anyone updated to ICS? How’s the phone?Thanks for your help =)

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    Jdecurt64 says:

     I have a sony xperia arc SI NUMBER IS 1246  1838. In Canada with Rogers. Still waiting.

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