HTC One X game play lag & run System Tuner

Many users of the HTC One X who use their phone for gaming have noted problems with game play lag and if you’re one of them you’ll be pleased to hear of a solution. An app called System Tuner is now available from the Google Play store, giving a simple fix for rooted phones.

Firstly we have some details about why the problem with game lag on the HTC One X is occurring. Hamdir, an XDA contributor has given information on the reasons for the game lag and also a tutorial on how to fix it. Apparently the cause of the problem concerns the number of cores being used and the fact that some apps can’t access all of the cores. Of the cores that can be accessed they are not always running at the optimum clock speed. Hamdir describes the problem by explaining, “The stock CPU governor on the One X keeps ramping up and down the clocks during games which is the main cause of bad frame rate.”

News of this discovery comes to us from Talk Android who also usefully detail the fix. You will need a rooted HTC One X though and if you have that and run stock then simply download the System Tuner app. From there, before you play games use the System Tuner to put the minimum clock on 1GHz with the maximum on 1.5GHz or for lower temperatures lessen the max to 1.2GHz. Choose ‘interactive’ as the setting for governor and then after gaming lower the minimum clock again. It may also be beneficial to end all of your tasks using the task manager.

Always try to remember to return to your previous settings after gaming as leaving your phone on the gaming settings will use more of your battery life. If you want to check out details on the System Tuner app or download it then head to Google Play here. It’s a free app for devices running Android 1.5 or later.

Hopefully this will sort out any game lag problems you’re encountering with your HTC One X. If you use this app for a fix then please let us know if all went smoothly by sending your comments. Maybe you’ve already used it and can confirm it works?

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