HTC Sensation XL Android 4.0 ICS update begins rollout

As each day goes by it seems more Android hardware is finally being treated to the latest version of the operating system, and today we have the news that the HTC Sensation XL 4.0 ICS update begins its rollout.

The manufacturer last week updated its roadmap for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, and now according to an article over at the Android Community UK residents with the HTC Sensation XL have begun reporting the update is hitting their devices. There are now a number of reports that customers of Vodafone have been getting the new software, and some international models are also receiving the new operating system via an over the air update.

It seems that many unlocked handsets in a number of countries are also receiving the 197MB update, and the device with its huge 4.7-inch display is an enlarged European version of the standard Sensation. The device at the time of its launch back in October had one of the largest displays available on a smartphone, but was met with mixed reviews upon its release mainly due to its screen resolution of only 480 x 800.

When launched the device came running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and was bundled with a choice of two styles of Beats Audio headphones, and at the time was the first HTC smartphone to benefit with the partnership between the two companies. Going on previous history the update will bring all the standard Android Ice Cream Sandwich features, but instead of HTCs Sense 4.0 it will have Sense 3.6, which is a minor upgrade from version 3.5 that came with the handset at its release.

The company is finally getting around to updating its smartphones that were released ahead of the recent One series, and in the US the company has only officially updated AT&T’s HTC Vivid and T-Mobile’s Sensation and Amaze 4G. Hopefully this news will mean that the rest of HTCs line up will soon be treated to some Android 4.0 love.

Has your HTC Sensation XL received the Android ICS update yet?


10 thoughts on “HTC Sensation XL Android 4.0 ICS update begins rollout”

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        shak says:

        my HTC sensation xl has constant local WiFi connection around but no updates received, no internet operates and no mail accounts operating (i.e. sending / receiving mails).
        while the same WiFi is operating perfectly on my other computers.
        I had planned to buy in total 5 phones for my peers. it is trashed completely now and news will travel fast in my town.

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    Dale says:

    I have the HTC Sensation (three months old) and find that this instrument is much less than satisfactory.  At times it simply does not make phone calls, will act like it is calling for about 5 seconds then simply returns to the main menu.  I have been back to T-Mobile 4 times on this same issue and they have no explanation and no offer of exchange.  I would never buy another HTC product as a result of my experience with this phone.  When I need or want to make a call I need my phone to cooperate with me.  I should not have to borrow somebodies phone to make a call.  Unfortunately that is where I am today.

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    Michelle_ann725 says:

    actually i already update  android ICS 4.0.3, htc sense 3.6.
    problem is i keep on got no wifi and keep on hang when touching the app.
    how to solve this problem???

    1. Reply
      Puhi EightySeven says:

      It just gets worse lol. Did you check if your jack is working yet? As mine works for a day then stops. I have had to factory reset 3 times now and reinstalled by flash the ICS..I’m hoping by reinstalling it fixed itself but the OS is very slow indeed. Lots of hang and that will probably not get fixed.

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    Arslanbhatti1 says:

    No update for my htc sensation xl yet available…can any1 tell me when i’ll be able to get the update

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    Ssj_gill says:

    updated to android 4.0 2 days ago and have been noticing little glitches…
    when i make a call i can hear people but they can only hear static. however, if they call me then its all fine. my phillips earphones which work absolutely fine everywhere else no longer work correctly on the phone.

    all these errors have only started since the update… coincidence? i called the HTC helpdesk who could offer no resolution other than factory reset

    i would urge users not to install this update!

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    scott84uk says:

    since doing this update my phone also gone very slow and apps keep crashing was a great phone before the update.

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