New smartphone perfect Monster Diesel VEKTR headphones

We often bring readers details of accessories for their smartphones and tablets but today’s accessory is a bit special. They are new smartphone perfect Monster Diesel VEKTR Headphones and we have plenty of information next if you feel like treating yourself.

These are among the sleekest headphones we’ve seen and have been created by Italian designer Diesel alongside Monster. They are extremely light and give ultra-performance and the manufacturer descriptions reads, “these Diesel Noise Division phones change the way you listen to music and even your perception of sound itself,” so that’s quite something to live up to. The multi-planar, tri-fold design is simply stunning and the advanced titanium-coated driver technology used on these Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones makes these worth your consideration.

Sound from these headphones is excellent across base, mids and highs and is distortion-free and the plushness of the on-ear cushions seals in the acoustics to keep external noise out and the music you want to listen to in. Even the cable, something often overlooked with other headphones, has been well thought out. These headphones come with a detachable triangular Monster Cable with straight plug along with a right-angle connector so no snags or tangles. They also feature ControlTalk, an on-cable device that enables the user to control their music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or BlackBerry as well as take calls.

As well as all of the above the Diesel Vektr headphones tri-fold into a stylish compact case produced from super-tough Diesel denim. If you purchase these headphones they come with a high-def cable, touring case, cleaning cloth with Advanced Aegis Microbe Shield and ControlTalk Universal. If you want to see more about them or to purchase then head to the Monster webpage here. The Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones are priced at $279.95.

They’re not cheap but these are pretty special headphones so will you be splashing out? Send us your comments to let us know what you think about the Diesel Vektr headphones.


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    mixr says:

    Hi everyone, I own a pair of Dr dre mixr and they look a lot more stylish than these plus I wanted more bass so I would say no to these, they just to big

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