Nokia Lumia 610 Angry Birds fix in the works

If you are contemplating picking up the latest Windows Phone from Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 610, or have already done so, you will probably know that a little while ago it was mentioned that some Android applications wont work on the smartphone, such as Skype and Angry Birds due to the handset only having 256MB RAM.

However, when it comes to the popular multi-platform game Angry Birds, all may not be lost, as according to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of WPCentral, Angry Birds maker Rovio is apparently working on an optimised version of Angry Birds so that it will play nice on the Nokia Lumia 610 and other low-end Windows Phone handsets.

Apparently the editor-in-chief of Nokia Conversations, Heidi Lemmetyinen posted to the Nokia Blog that according to the translation said “The Rovio team is currently being Angry Birds Lumia 610 for the optimized version. Yet it is not therefore available to the public but we’ve known about this.  We will notify you, of course as soon as possible.”

Thus it would appear that if you are considering purchasing the Nokia Lumia 610 or have already done so, you shouldn’t worry too much about certain apps not working on your Windows Phone at the moment, especially Angry Birds because a fix is on the way. And probably other Android apps and game that can’t work on 256MB handset will gain an optimised version in the future as well, although Microsoft hasn’t said whether or not they will deliver a Lumia 610 optimised version of Skype or not.


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    lumpaywk says:

    why does this artical keep saying Android apps? android appps wont work on anything other than android these are windows phone apps that happen to have the same app on other platforms. seems like there is a political agenda in this artical. Who is paying you? hmmm

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