Sidecar app for smart Calling on smartphones

Smartphone owners have a huge choice of applications that can provide useful information and help with a number of tasks besides just playing games, and today we have news of the Sidecar app that promises smart calling on your smartphone.

An article over at Indystar.com is reporting that the application was recently launched for users of the Android and iOS platforms as a free download. It promises to offer users more while making a call from their device, and without leaving the application users can share their location on a map, photos, SMS messages, contacts, and a live see what I see video with the person at the other end of the call.

The application was tried out on both the Android and iOS platforms but there were some issues with dropped calls and some other minor bugs. Using a standard dialler users can make calls or by simply tapping names, numbers on a ‘Recents’ lists, and via contacts that are divided into Sidecar friends. The application also uses the numbers stored in the address book to match you with friends on Sidecar, but no other information from the address book is transmitted.

Calls are free to anyone else that uses the app or if done via Wi-Fi to anyone in the US and Canada even if they don’t have the application, but if you call a friend that don’t have the app they will get a SMS message inviting them to download it. For when Wi-Fi is not available normal carrier rates for 3G or 4G usage will apply.

Videos during Sidecar calls are only streamed live in one direction, and you can only see what the other person sees or vice versa, but not at the same time. The application has got mixed reviews on the iOS platform but there are a number of good reviews from Android users, and Sidecar can be found on the App Store or Google Play as a free download.

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