SOLApad case for iPad with internal battery & speaker system

If you own an Apple iPad, and use the iOS slate when you are out and about, and would like to be able to charge up the tablet without having to plug it in, along with the addition of high quality speakers, and protection against drops of up to six feet, then you might like to consider the SOLApad case for the Apple iPad.

According to the guys over at Gadget Grid, the SOLApad is an Apple iPad case that uses solar power, and can be charged with just about any light source, although obviously sunlight works best, and continues to charge throughout the day, but even indoor light can charge the accessory, and you can still charge it in the usual way if you wish to.

The SOLApad case for the iOS tablet includes its own battery, whilst being strong enough to adsorb most impacts, and even features a much better speaker system, although according to the guys, the SOLApad case does add a little bulk and weight to the Apple iPad.

How much will the SOLApad for the iPad hit your pocket for? I have no idea at the moment, because currently the SOLApad hasn’t been released, but if your are interested, you can reserve the SOLApad by hitting up the Solawerks website, and if you do, you will be entered into a give-away, where you have the chance of winning one of ten SOLApad cases, which will be drawn at random on the official US launch.

So, if you are in the market for an new Apple iPad case, would the SOLApad case for iPad be one that you would consider purchasing?


7 thoughts on “SOLApad case for iPad with internal battery & speaker system”

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    Panzer XIII says:

    I dunno, solar chargers are usually pretty slow to charge and more of a gimmick than anything. It would always be more convenient and practical to charge via socket/USB, and I see people getting this not even really using the solar charging that much after the initial gimmick wears off. 

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    Crt11 says:

    I did the math on how much charging capacity a solar cell case for the iPad would have. It would take 2 days to charge an iPad battery outdoors, and more than 200 days to charge indoors. And that’s not considering the fact that the photovoltaic cell is on the back of the case. iPhone numbers are the same. It is useless.

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    Nicurnc says:

    $90 and well worth it.  already have for iPhone and it is great.  will be picked up by the military for use esp where there is not power other than solar.  great product line.

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    Paul says:

    lmao. This is junk, drains the battery instead of charging. Made out of cheap plastic, it’s a bulky  Chinese junk. There are tons of better products out there.

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    Msheltra says:

    Consider it as more of a great way to slow or halt the external battery drain which is perfect in nearly all user scenarios. I use hobby cells near this I’ve and they do quite well! Add you get a decent case and battery and where’s the gripe? Seriously. Oh…hmm speakers too. If its under $100.00 it’s well worth it. You gotta be real in your analysis and expectations/dollar. At $150.00, not so much. At $100 or less, you can gripe all you want but it’s going to sell and satisfy most users well. Still you have your principals lol

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    AverageJoe says:

    im sure it doesnt do everything it says but if it can do some of whats promised people will buy it at the right price.

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    Scifilover says:

    I have two of the iphone chargers from Solawerks and love the product. Just got my ipad one in the mail a few days ago and must say I’m loving this thing too. It indicates how much battery capacity is left in the unit itself with LEDs and has a crazy good battery life with 6000 mAh. imput and output is the same amount at 5V, 2.1A. And I really like that the ipad locks in place. I dig it. it was a little less than 100 bucks after shipping and well worth it in my eyes.

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