US Droid RAZR HD aka Fighter looks nearer to release

Regular readers may remember a phone initially dubbed the Motorola Droid Fighter that we later learned was in fact to be called the Motorola Droid RAZR HD. This phone was released in China but back in April we told how it looked as though the Droid RAZR HD would be released in other regions and possibly the US. News today suggests that the Droid RAZR HD is now much nearer to that US release.

When the phone was known as the Droid Fighter it attracted quite a bit of interest and it was thought to be due for a US release on Verizon in April. However that time came and went and the wait went on. Today though we hear that the Droid RAZR HD is now being shown listed in Cellebrite systems for third party retailers which seems to be a very positive indication that it’s heading for its US launch.

News of this came to us from Droid-Life, sourced from Droidrzr.com and the Droid RAZR HD title is shown with the XT926 model number, which was previously tied to this phone so the news does look promising. There’s still no official date for release but as some consumers waiting for it may have become worried about the lack of any further information so far, this does at least show that it appears to be in the pipeline.

As a reminder of rumored specs and feature some of the suggestions are that the RAZR HD will have a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 1GB of RAM, 12 or 13-megapixel camera, 4G LTE connectivity and 3300mAh battery and it will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but we cannot verify this as yet. If this all proves to be correct though, then this should be a smash hit for Motorola. Hopefully as we seem a little closer to a US release we many be hearing confirmed information about the specs of this handset before too much longer.

Have you been waiting to hear more about the Droid RAZR HD? If the rumored specs are confirmed have you already decided you will purchase it? How much longer are you prepared to wait? Share your thoughts with us by sending your comments.


7 thoughts on “US Droid RAZR HD aka Fighter looks nearer to release”

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    DROIDER says:

    Wow sounds like a beast of a phone but not trying to be picntsky but Megapixels counts means nothing if the the camera quality is bad not saying any names “cough cough “droid RAZR” doing get me wrong it’s a great phone but it and it flaws like that huge bevel around the phone so hopefully the fighting has less of that but oh well have to wait an see

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      Joemama says:

      Been thinking that since my ORIGINAL Droid, yeah 5 mega pixels, so what, my old Sony 3 Megapixel camera still looks better!  But they did say it was going to have a f/2.3 lens which should help a lot too, but we will see!  I’ve just been holding off buying a RAZR Maxx waiting on this thing, how long do I have to wait!

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        Scottyjbd says:

        f/2.3 lens on the Razr HD? how does that compare to the original Droid? I’m still rockin mine and been waiting for a year for the right phone. might just grab the maxx when it comes down to 100

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    Glenda says:

    Definitely interested in purchasing this phone if it is released within a month. My Verizon upgrade eligibility just came up (upgrading from a Blackberry Storm 2).

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    Groves says:

     Verizon drops the 4GB data for new 4G phones on June 5th. So this phone should show up some time AFTER that. Ya gotta luv Verizon.

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