Samsung Galaxy S3 (White Only) UK Buy Now List

Obviously the biggest new Android smartphone to hit the mobile space is of course the Android Ice Cream Sandwich packing Samsung flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and if you are over here in the United Kingdom you might like to know just where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 in white only as of now.

So if you are interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S3 in white only, there are a few places where you can do so in the UK. Thus we thought we’d bring our UK Android readers a buy now list, so you have a choice of where you can purchase the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset.

So we’ll kick things off with O2 UK, O2 is offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Marble White as a free smartphone on their On & On tariff for £46 per month for which you get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB data, or for £51 a month you can get the device for free with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data.

Then there is Vodafone UK, who offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB in Marble White as a free handset on a two-year contract for £41 a month for which you get 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data, or if you prefer committing to an 18-month contract you still get the handset for free for £46 per month with 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data.

If you prefer to go with Orange UK, they will let you have the Galaxy S3 for free on their Panther Extra 36 tariff at £36 a month on a two-year term for which you receive1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data, tethering, unlimited BT Openzone WiFi and one free swapable. However you will be required to shell out a deposit of £49.99, which is refunded after 4-months. Or you can opt for the Panther Extra 41 tariff at £41 per month over two-year with 2000 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB data and the rest, with a refundable deposit of £24.99.

If you would rather go with T-Mobile, you’ll receive the Samsung Galaxy S3 for free on a two-year term for £41 per month for with you get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet, or for £46 a month over 18-months you get the SGS3 for free with 1200 minutes, an unlimited text booster, and 750MB data.

However, if you’d rather go through Phones4u, they have numerous deals where you get the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Marble White for free ranging from £31 per month on 2-year terms all the way up to £41 per month.

The Carphone Warehouse offers the Samsung Galaxy S3 for free on a two-year term for £28 per month on Talk Mobile for which you get 100 Anytime Any Network minutes, 100 texts, 100MB data and 12-months free home broadband with Talk Talk, along with options to get the SGS3 for free on other carriers ranging from £31 to £41 over two years, whilst if you prefer Pay As You Go, the handset will set you back a hefty £549.99.

So there you have it, our list of where you can buy now the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United Kingdom, have you purchased the smartphone yet?


10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 (White Only) UK Buy Now List”

  1. What ever the specs may be, brand image definitely speaks out when you carry a gadget from Apple. It gives you hike when you are around with it. Apple is far apart to be compared with Samsung who are actually copy cats. When it comes to gadgets of status or looks, it gonna be Apple. And i forgot to mention one more brand Sony!!! 

    1. No says:

      Wow you really know nothing! The only people who ‘give hike’ are fellow iphone crowd followers. You’re just following what others do, and so in the eyes of many people you’ve only bought an iphone because you think it will make you look cool.

      Apple is no longer as far apart as you think either, buddy. Whilst apple have barely upgraded their phones over the years, manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung have been doing something called innovation. Better phone, better technology and at a cheaper price.

      I’ll admit, Apple used to be one of the best firms to release phones. However there’s a reason why the S3 has gained great popularity… who wants a 3.5 inch screen now a days? Apple just feels the same as it did a few years ago to many people. We look forward to the future where we can expect new, better, faster things. 

      The S3 and the One X are two of several phones that out compete the iphone. Okay, they’re newer… but some of them aren’t, such as the S2 (2011 phone of the year). 

      If the iphone5 brings a larger screen and a better processor with something new and innovative, then I’ll admit I was bring. However, generally lower specs on the iphone coupled with an extortionate price (even for older models) means more people are seeking different phones – especially if they’re cheaper and faster!

    2. No says:

      Dream on man. Still proud in old days. Others are not sleeping. Show me the gun you have now. Theory nowadays is as simple as it is.

    3. JayZ says:

      Actually, did you guys know that Samsung supplies the bulk of the chips found inside an iphone. And better still, almost all of the processors in an iphone (and most other high performance smartphones) are designed and architected by ARM, based in Cambridge UK 🙂

    4. ANTI-FOOL says:

      The samsung galaxy s3 is by far the most superior handset ever to be released to date (along with the htc one x). Apple is known for it’s simplicity for simple people. The fact of it is , is that android and samsung allow you to edit your phone exactly how you want it which gives it an identity (the one thing which apple products lack!). The galaxy s2 even destroyed the iphone 4s and that was released before hand, not to mention the fact it also got phone of the year. Apple is getting chosen by the people because of its brand name but after the release of the s3, it has got an amazing 10million pre-orders which is the record and the fact it is also cheaper says it all…

  2. Seems Samsung screwed this release up so I do not hold out much hope for the phone to work properly….It is going to be a piece of trash I do believe….

    1. Harris says:

      Obviously the experts no nothing about thie “piece of trash” and are just excited after testing it because they are clueless

  3. Geek11 says:

    My Galaxy S3 in White turned up today from Amazon sim free.. and believe the hype it really is the Ferrari of Android… Iphone 5 better be good becuase this phone has it all

    1. Amanda St. John says:

      My friend is mailing me his Galaxy S3 Ice Cream Sandwich phone for my son’s graduation from bootcamp gift.  Can it be activated in the United States?  Please Email me with any into you have at [email protected] because I’d hate to present him with his gift at graduation only to have him reject it for costs.   Thanks so very much.  He’ll be graduation soon.  Thanks, Amanda