NOVA 3 for Android out now but is your device compatible?

There’s news today that should please plenty of Android enthusiasts as the NOVA 3 – Near Orbit app is now available for the platform. Another addition to the popular first person shooter series from Gameloft, you can find it now at the Google Play store, but is your device compatible?

This game was previously available on iOS but now NOVA 3 on Android has already received some great reviews, particularly in regard to its amazing graphics. News of the Android app becoming available came to us from Droid-Life. However, although the Google Play store description says that this is compatible with Android devices running 2.2 or later and many other tech sites are reporting the same, Droid-Life points out that the game is not compatible for all Android devices. They noted for example that their Tegra 3-powered HTC One X is not a compatible device, despite the enormous popularity of this recent smartphone, although other popular phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR have made the grade.

A full review of NOVA 3 can be found here on Android Community and says that it is available for wide range of Android devices. However, please make sure yours is one of them before you download the game as it does seem odd that the HTC One X (Tegra 3) isn’t included. There are also plenty of user reviews on the Google Play description of the app and many are hugely positive but there are some with criticisms of how the game runs on their devices, one of them being with the Galaxy Note.

As well as this, Gotta Be Mobile also points out that as well as the Tegra HTC One X the game is also not compatible for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Aside from compatibility issues Android Community also tells how this is a whopping 1.7GB download and takes a good 30 minutes or more to download so be prepared! N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit from Gamelot is available from the Google Play store here and is priced at $6.99/£4.99.

The NOVA 3 Android app features an epic storyline, multiple weapons and powers, 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes and much more and no doubt fans of the franchise will agree with most of the reviews that this is a pretty stunning game. You can get some idea of how good the game looks with a hands-on experience video available to view below this story.

We’d like to hear from you with your thoughts about NOVA 3 for Android or have you found your device to be incompatible? Maybe you have hit other problems or have you nothing but praise for NOVA 3? Why not let us know with your comments.

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  • Johnsmith

    Guy reviewing should shut up about himself and review the game. Typical American

  • Earldunk

    I own the htc one x, my reason for buying this was the gaming, the guy in the shop said it will run any game due to the power under the hood, mass effect infiltrator not running and nova 3 not running. these are the games i really wanted to play [ mass effect works on rooted, but im not doing that because from past experance , xbox 360 RROD new tech somtimes goes wrong and somtimes phone get a little warm, so if i root it warrenty gone,  and i found a download for an off line version that runs on stock phone but i need proper version to add to my mass effect 3 score ]. i do like this phone got this over ps vita cant afford to buy £30 games for another system as i have a 360 and ps3, the tegra games are great, after spending hours in google looking up game work it seems that E.A  and games loft games are the ones with the least support and a few bits i found say that games loft dont like doing builds for tegra devices for some reason. but what i found odd was that google play said modern combat 3 and nova 2 dont work on my device and as if by magic when i went to the game loft site they downloaded and run 100% , no glitches or crashes, hope they update soon because they are missing out on money and E.A love there money, and im sure gamesloft like cash as well, if hackers can get mass effect running on htc one x im sure that E.A can get the job done, if they cant they should put these hackers on the payroll, also found a rooted version of nova 3 that is supposed to work, if i was working for E.A i would post job adverts on the sites that hacked games are up for download.

    • Earldunk

      tried the apk that does not check compatibilty , works very, very laggy, played a few levels, then uninstalled, it spoils the game a bit , played it on my bros i pad and i phone  and it slicker . will wait for proper version that is optimised for the htc one x.

      • Himmat Singh

         I got the APK for my Tegra 3 tab and it works without lag.

        • Masin_kwl

          where did you get the APK from ? share link to help other  with problems 

  • pete

    Nova 3 doesnt work with sony xperia s…

  • Srallington

    Really wish there was compatibility with one X :( hopefully this will change.

  • Jmboy2010

    there is a apk file that doesnt do device check therefore let you dwnload game n play wrks on my  mt4g and my cousins samsung  vibrant the first sg so if it runs on that experia should wrk

  • Therom29

    I really don’t understand how a powerful phone like the HTC ONE X (SNAPDRAGON S4),games such as mass effect infiltrators and NOVA 3 aren’t being played…hopefully they come up with an update or we might consider changing device.

    • Himmat Singh

       Don’t cry. Just get the apk online and then download the date through the app. Finding the APKs will just take a few mins via Google search. Plus you won’t be committing copyright crimes as a pirate because there is no otherwise legal avenue for you to get the games. I did this for both aforementioned games for my Acer A510 Tegra 3 tablet.

  • imatrol

    I have the moto defy xt 535 its not compatible and N.O.V.A 1 & 2 won’t load because my phone is two new why don’t you make something called N.O.V.A 3 + were all the new phones can handle it e.g. HTC One X and moto defy xt

  • Stonesjames79

    Try downloading from aptoide. Works fine with no lag on wt19i live walkman.

  • Luka Zinic98

    Hi could I run this on un-rooted motorola defy plus?

  • pawel

    I actually own mass effect on my one x and it’s working so I don’t know what’s the problem, but I don’t hide that I’m little angry why nova 3 isn’t working :(
    Hope time bring it on

  • Joe

    When Nova 3 will be compatible On Sony Xperia S ?

  • tron

    Nova 3 not working on my nexus 7, but works fine on my galaxy s3 and iPhone 4.

    • war ghost

      i have galaxy s3 but Nova 3 not working why???

      • ghazawy

        nova 3 isnt working on my galaxy s3 either

        • bllaze

          Mine either- us phone -sprint sgs3

  • ervan

    Doesn’t working on my Galaxy S Advance -_-

  • asad alam

    i played nova 3 on my lg optimus black p970 til the second last level ie hell’s gate but after that in greed of points to unlock other weapons i tried to install a odded apk which resulted in compatability issue.whenever i tried apk to run it always shows message of compatability and shows msg ask for refund..
    what to do next plz help me

  • IAN
  • jbrussell1

    Nova 3 doesn’t work on galaxy 3

  • Jenn

    esnt work for HTC sensation 4g too…

  • jenn

    Doesn’t work on the HTC sensation 4g either..

  • Gamster

    Doesn’t work on Sony Xperia P- not compatible

  • Vincent

    Hi , i’m planning to buy new phone ”LG optimus 4x HD” But will Nova 3,

    Modern Combat:Fallen Nation,Dead trigger work on this phone? Because some people says that ATM doesn’t support (Tegra 3) ?? is that correct?

  • osizzl

    Tmobile galaxy s3 (snapdragon version) and works perfectly… hope that helps…

  • Anmol Sansi

    I’m having xperia pro but this game is not working

  • abc

    sony tablet s is also not compatible

  • santadickface

    Nova 3, modern combat 3, and 4 dont work with my HTC desire x and i have android 4.0 why ?

  • nananana

    I have got Samsung galaxy S3 and this game freezes when launched.

  • tinaboy

    can i run that game on acaltel one touch 997D ?

  • ianevic

    when the loading screen is done goes back to my homescreen

  • mattypoo

    when i create a multiplier game with my friends they cant join. they both have iphones and i have a Droid-maxx. why cant they join?

  • kal el

    Before i was using an lg p920 optimus 3D now im using an htc desire 820 and tablet ainol vegas numy + lg g3 it work well it toooooo ggggoooooddddd i love that game

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