Set up camp with Swamp People game app

If you are a fan of reality TV show Swamp People and would like to have a go at hunting the biggest and meanest gators out in America’s oldest swamp, and own and iOS or Android device you might like to know there is now an app available that will let you simulate the life depicted in the hit show Swamp People.

And that iOS and Android application is aptly named Swamp People, with the Swamp People mobile game the user can set up camp within the deepest reaches of the swamp in Louisiana, and race and hunt in a million miles of inhospitable bayous, whilst learning the ways of the swamp and surviving the deadly creatures.

The Swamp People app for Android the iPhone, and Apple iPad features a customisable hub for your own swamp adventures, along with weapon and boat upgrades, the ability to customise your own character, trap upgrades so you can capture larger gators, and compete against AI swampers at ten differing locales.

The Swamp People app also offers the ability to race against AI swampers over eight differing courses, lay traps for gators and return once they are sprung to take them down, with in excess of six different types of gator ranging in size and aggressiveness, and features dual analogue controls.

For those Android gamers out there that would like to play along with Swamp People you can download the app to your Android device for free by hitting up Google Play, whilst the iOS faithful can grab the Swamp People app for free from iTunes.


13 thoughts on “Set up camp with Swamp People game app”

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    Rdnude says:

    how do you get the app ? I have tryed to find it on google play , I go in circles. does it work on droid?

  2. Reply
    Bigbore250r39 says:

    it would be nice if my android phone could download it also,  it will not find anything close to swamp people???????????????????????????????????????  

  3. Reply
    Jaxong24 says:

    why is android so quick to advertise and so slow to deliver…i love my android phone but this is where i loose the android iphone argument with those …iphone users!!!!

  4. Reply
    Magilla409 says:

    We definitely need to see better Android support… it doesn’t make sense that my Sensation 4G can’t run it, especially with it rooted/overclocked to 1.56 ghz. Hell, I’m getting consistently better benchmarks than the SGS2 in all areas and any benchmarking app. Hopefully the expand it’s compatibility in a later release, because this is one of my favorite shows, and I wanna play this game badly!

  5. Reply
    rallysport89 says:

    Ive found the game android but says not available for your version. Like it’s set up for older versions of android or something. I have a new motorola razr maxx..

  6. Reply
    Cskj says:

    not compatable with LG Optima either.  I used my web browser to search for it then used the option to open with play store app and it said not compatable

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