TomTom for Android release, some say why bother!

It looks as though the TomTom for Android app is closer to a release with summer being the favored timeframe by TomTom. The iOS TomTom app is already available and the Android app is likely to be very similar although there will some minor variations. However it seems that even before the Android TomTom has been released some people are saying, “why bother!”

News of the Android app nearing its launch in the Google Play store comes to us from Pocket-Lint who spoke to TomTom co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels. He confirmed a summer release was “important’ for the company but couldn’t specify a precise date saying simply, “I can confirm it is real.” Obviously TomTom for Android will be optimized for the Android platform so navigation around the app will be different from the iOS app. However Pauwels confirmed that the Android app would offer the same feature set, pointing to the success of the iOS app.

Another aspect not yet known about TomTom for Android is the price that it will be, although of course it seems likely that it would be akin to that of the iOS version of the app. However, if you were hoping for it to arrive on other platforms it seems that TomTom has no plans for this at the moment. Although the iOS app has proved popular it seems that some are wondering why TomTom is bothering with TomTom for Android. An in-depth article on Phone Dog discusses this and points to the fact that Android smartphones are already pre-installed with Google Maps and turn-by-turn navigation, which is completely free.

The current TomTom iOS app will set you back $55.99 but iOS doesn’t offer the same free built-in navigation option so it does seem a valid point to ask why Android users would pay for this app. This along with other observations made in the article leads Phone Dog to say, “Without offering any awe-inspiring or essential features, I have a feeling Android endeavors will be far less successful for TomTom.” However it’s also pointed out that brand recognition will play a part in some people using the app while the lack of knowledge on the part of some customers may also come into play.

It’s certainly an intriguing topic of discussion and we’d like to ask our readers who use Android devices if they can think of any reason why they would pay money for this TomTom Android app when it arrives soon? Let us have your comments on this.


17 thoughts on “TomTom for Android release, some say why bother!”

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    Nottelling says:

    Very simple, there is no offline navigation option for android that is as good as tomtom. Sygic is close but not the same.

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      Tek Gru says:

      Offline and 3-D Mapping is coming in Google Maps next update probably in a months time. Then the only difference then would be the Turn by Turn directions and  traffic data. It will be a tough sell.

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      Igofan says:

      There is iGO available, way better than Sygic, but somehow inferior to TomTom. The only problem is… you cannot buy it. Seriously, this is the only app I know which exists only as a warez for Android. iGO, wake up! I want to buy it!

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    morgue says:

    If you haven’t used a TomTom Live device (especially in Los Angeles or New York) then you’ll never know how way more awesome TomTom is than ANY other nav. Real-time Traffic and historical route info, plus gas prices and google, yelp and trip advisor all roled into a highly modifiable ball of utility–plus understandable text to voice. Everything else pales… The problem we have had has been the hardware pooping itself prematurely (particularly the battery) or the sim card/cell modem (2535 go live). If TomTom could make their standalones as bad-azzed as the old 740t (cast solid metal body with serious rubber bumpers, fm transmitter, mp3, rds traffic receiver that worked, user modifiable, app based updates (rather than web)… Oh, those were the days.
    Based on using Google nav today to get to LAX from Camarillo @ 2pm Thursday, I’d get another 2535 live or try the TomTom Android ’cause I lost verizon reception several times which lost the route (good thing my passenger was able to re-input).
    So, buy from best buy w/ extended warranty for quick swap when the hardware craps itself 1yr 1month after purchase, skip the others solutions which offer less for same or more money, or are free and for which you DEFINITELY get what you pay.

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    Jack says:

    If you don’t understand, and obviously you don’t, it’s because you still think about “navigation” systems, like 10 years ago. Nowadays, it’s about live trafic, radar and other connected services. And yes, Tomtom is by far the leader. And yes, it’s worth every penny.
    Free GPS are like chinese cars, Tomtom is like Audi/BMW. Make your choice.

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    Trejo495 says:

    I don’t care about TomTom! I have my own gps on my phone and love it! I would pay a dime for any gps!

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    Karl says:

    Frankly, I’ve been very disappointed with the free Google Navigation. It’s missing so many features when compared to latest TomTom offerings. Also, the voice is terrible and the instructions not very clear. Having TomTom on an Android device would be very compelling, as long as it supports the full range of features – live (IQroutes) traffic, safety cameras, Google search, weather, etc. It would also be nice if it could include some route logging so that actual journeys can be exported to Google Maps or Google Earth.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a proper TomTom app. for Android.

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    808hawaii says:

    yeah I think I’ll buy tomtom, but still depends how much it’ll be.  I got sygic for $20 USD, it’s ok, gets me places but doesn’t even read street names – maybe it is not able to read Hawaii names 🙂  no, it doesn’t read names.  but like people already pointed out, tomtom is like an expensive porsche and all others are like a kia; so you will get what you pay for.

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      Stacy R says:

      Sygic will read names, but you need to select a voice that has TTS capability. The default voice doesn’t.

      Now that the offline Google Maps update has launched, it’s turned out to be a huge fail for those hoping for offline navigation. It can download and store maps, but the stored map is limited to a very small area. Only about 20 square miles. It also can’t calculate routes or locate POIs offline. Totally useless for any kind of road trip where you won’t have data service.

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    mikejt2000 says:

    TomTom is the clear market leader. and and as i travel a lot, i need a system that does not require a data connection. 
    I will be one of the first in the line to buy tomtom.

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    Phil says:

    tomtom is by far the best navigation out there and i have tried them all.

    come on tomtom hurry up.

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    Zzzian says:

    The only reason I have an iPhone is Tom Tom if you drive for a living it’s a must once android have Tom Tom the iPhone will die

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    R Dijkstra05 says:

    Tried several navigation apps, all of them lacking som key features offered by TomTom;
    -easy way to add custom pois (ov2)
    -easy way of navigating to custom poi
    -find a (custom) poi along the planned route.

    Really like sygic, but missing above key features. Will buy TomTom app as soon as it is available!

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    Oldguy says:

    The reason I haven’t bought Android yet is lack of TomTom.  When it’s available I’ll finally pension off my SE P990i which has TT on UIQ.  Like the other people say, the free nav apps are worth every penny you paid for them.

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