Mozilla iPad browser Junior on route Safari gets worried

There are many that use Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser on their laptops, desktop PCs, and other mobile devices, but today we have news that the company is currently working on a new Web browser for the Apple iPad called Junior, and will take on Apple’s Safari.

As an article over at Cnet is reporting the company behind Firefox has revealed that they are currently working on a new mobile Web browser titled Junior, which was revealed in a video presentation that can be seen below. It is claimed by the team behind it that Junior is “an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up”.

They go on to say that the team wanted to create something completely new and wanted to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor”, and Firefox’s product designer Alex Limi continued by saying that Safari on iPad was “a miserable experience”.

In the video presentation the company says that the prototype browser will fill the iPad’s entire canvas, and will remove the toolbar to provide a more of a “magazine feel”. The team toyed with the idea of making controls gesture based, but in the end decided to put in two buttons with one on either side of the display.

The button on the left acts as a back button, while the right hand side one is a plus button that provides users with a list of recent viewed pages, and a search screen. This is not the first time rival companies have came up with alternatives to Safari, as Yahoo provided its own version called Axis to run on the iPad. Others such as Atomic, Dolphin, and Opera Mini to name but a few have been offered, but none of these have such a large following as Mozilla’s Firefox that enjoys 20.2 percent of the browser market.

There is no information given in the video presentation when users will be able to get their hands on the new browser though. Are you a fan of Safari?

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