LG Quick Voice App coming to Optimus range

Last October Apple introduced the iPhone 4S and with it the company provided some new features that included the Siri personal assistant feature, and have recently announced some new options coming in the software when iOS 6 is released. Not to be outdone LG has announced its new Quick Voice application that is coming to the Optimus range of smartphones.

Voice controlled features in smartphones are nothing new, as there were already a number of applications on the Android platform before Siri first made its appearance, but as GSM Arena are reporting Apple reignited a stagnant market when it released Siri with the iPhone 4S. The difference with the Siri offering and other services is that you didn’t have to give out a specific set of instructions, and in turn have a natural conversation.

Now everyone is getting in on the action to add this type of feature to their smartphone devices, with Samsung recently adding their new S-Voice feature to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S3. Now joining the voice recognition party is LG that has announced it will be adding its own take on the feature, and are calling it Quick Voice.

The upcoming feature will work in a similar way to both Siri and S-Voice allowing users to talk naturally to their device, and ask it to perform actions such as check the time or the weather, make phone calls, make quick notes, create calendar events, search the web, and search YouTube among other things.

There will be some difference though as unlike Apple and Samsung LG’s new feature will not be restricted to a single device, and will add it to its current Optimus range of smartphones from the end of this month through to July. Currently though there is no information on which particular Optimus devices will be receiving the Quick Voice app.

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