Microsoft Surface Tablet exists just to sell Windows 8

We have all heard recently the latest big deal from Microsoft is their unveiling of the Microsoft Surface Tablet, two variants of the Windows slate, which haven’t been met with an all-embracing reception by 3rd-party OEMs using Windows and Android, but it appears that Microsoft unveiling the Microsoft Surface Tablet could simply be a ploy to sell Windows 8.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider by way of DigiTimes, the founder of Acer, Stan Shih has stated that Microsoft doesn’t really intend to enter the tablet space and sell their own branded slates, and that the Microsoft Surface Tablet offering is a ploy to boost adoption of Windows 8.

Apparently Shih believes that Microsoft has created a halo slate to attract users to Windows 8, and apparently Shih believes the Microsoft Surface line will be abandoned after the first tablets roll out later in the year. Shih also said that it is unlikely Microsoft will take a ‘real stab’ at competing with the likes of the Apple iPad or Android tablets due to the cost of manufacture hardware yielding far less profit than licensing software.

The Acer founder also commented that some difficulties that Microsoft would face in building and marketing their own branded slate includes distribution, production management and after sales maintenance service, and went on to say that vendors should see Microsoft’s plan as a positive one, as it can be seen as free advertising.

So what do our reader’s think about this matter, do you think Microsoft will enter the tablet space in earnest and deliver more tablets after the first two Microsoft Surface tablets, or do you think the same as the Acer founder, that it is all a big ploy to get people to adopt Windows 8?

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