Chrome for Android escapes beta not available to all though

There are a growing number of people that use Google’s Chrome Web browser as their first choice on their home computers or laptops, but the full version of the browser hasn’t been available on the Android platform. Today though we can tell you that Chrome for Android escapes beta but is not available to all users though.

It is being reported by Android Apps that Google has released the full version of the desktop browser via an application on Google Play. Android users will now be able to enjoy the speed and ease of use of Chrome in the same way they do on their computers, but on a smartphone or Android tablet, and in use it has been found to possibly be the best alternative to the stock Android browser.

There are some great features in the application such as the ability to sync with the Chrome Browser on your PC, so anything that has been bookmarked or personalized will be transferred across to users Android devices once they have synced their Google account.

The browser allows users to search and navigate fast straight from the same box, and then quickly choose the results that are provided as user’s type their search query. There is also accelerated page loading in the Chrome Browser and faster scrolling and zooming.

Users have the ability of browsing and opening an unlimited number of tabs that are arranged like a deck of cards, which can be flipped through to view the content on them. If you sign into Chrome to sync the open tabs, password, omnibox data, and bookmarks from a computer the app cleverly allows users to pick up from where they left off on either the computer or mobile device.

The incognito mode of the Chrome Browser is also available in Chrome for Android, but there is a problem though as it is only available for hardware that is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so the majority of Android users are left out for now. To download Chrome for Android hit Google Play.

Is Google Chrome your browser of choice?

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