BlackBerry running Android partnership not happening

Obviously the fortunes of Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion haven’t been all that good for quite a while, as their BlackBerry smartphones are no longer fairing too well in the mobile space, and their BlackBerry Playbook was a bit of a let down as well, and with rivals iOS and Android constantly taking away BlackBerry market share.

That along with RIM announcing they have plans to lay off 5,000 workers, and apparently have announced their so called saviour devices sporting BlackBerry 10 are delayed until sometime in 2013, it doesn’t look too good for research In Motion.

However, according to Toms Guide, RIM does have a few options such as partnering with Android or Microsoft, and word is Matias Duarte, Google’s director of Android user experience has said he would be more than willing to work with Research In Motion if the firm wished to make Android handsets with physical keyboards, as RIM does make really good keyboards.

However, apparently a report by Forbes has it that Thorton Heins, the CEO of RIM has dismissed any rumours that the company will collaborate with 3rd-party companies, and that Research In Motion intends on delivering their own platform to deliver the best experience to customers.

Apparently Heins believes joining the Android family would not fit in with their costumers and strategy, and that they are trying to be different, along with trying to be the best solution for their customers that wish to purchase a BlackBerry knowing why they want a BlackBerry.

Thus it would seem that Research In Motion has no intentions of partnering anyone, neither Microsoft or Android in the future, which could mean the demise of BlackBerry unless RIM can actually pull something big out of the hat, which at this moment in time seems rather doubtful to say the least.

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