FiRST bomb app includes IED sizes and standoff distances

If you are one of the iOS or Android faithful out there that is worried about running into a bomb whilst out on your journeys, or in need of a reference manual to mitigate potential terrorist attacks against buildings, or are a first responder or emergency manager, there is an app available for both iOS and Android called FiRST Responder Support Tools.

The FiRST Responder Support Tools delivers to first responders and emergency managers access to map based improvised explosive device (IED) standoff distances along with HAZMAT spill evaluation areas, with the IED standoff data being based on criteria set by the DHS office for bombing prevention and FEMA 426, Reference Manual to mitigate potential terrorist attacks against buildings.

The FiRST Responder Support Tools app for iOS and Android devices features isolation zones and down wind protection zones for in excess of 3000 chemicals, IED mandatory evacuation and shelter-in-place zones for eight predefined bomb sizes, distance to glass breakage, structural damage and injury base on predefined bomb sizes, although is limited to the user registering with a .us, .gov. or .mil email.

With the FiRST Responder Support Tools app the user can automatically get current weather from Weatherbug or forecast weather via the National Weather Service in the US, or the worldwide Meteorlogisk Institutt, and weather can be input using the phones compass or input by the user.

The FiRST Responder Support Tools iOS and Android app also delivers results shown in both text and geographically, search and display predefined points of interest such as nurseries, schools, hospitals, government facilities, police and fire stations from GIS search services, run roadblock analysis service that deliver the optimal locations for a roadblock, and includes reference material from 2008 ERG and important chemical contacts for rapid reporting.

The FiRST Responder Support Tools app for Android users can be downloaded to your Android device at a cost of £7.71 by hitting up Google Play, whilst the FiRST Responder Support Tools app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad is available from iTunes at a cost of $11.99.

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