Experiencing Verizon outages including emergency calls

We are calling out to all Verizon customers to come forward and let us know if you experienced Verizon outages recently, many customers have been experiencing problems such as 911 emergency call issues, texting and retrieving voicemail.

Verizon customers have had problems trying to place phone calls as well as sending text messages, and some had a few issues retrieving voicemail, the latest news via Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that all voice, voicemail and SMS services have been restored in Roanoke and Richmond, please do let us know if yours has been restored in your area.

U.S. regulators questioned Verizon Communications Inc over its 911 emergency call services went down after storms in the eastern U.S left more than 4 million customers without electricity. This 911 service by Verizon in Fairfax County, Virginia failed after storms that killed the power on June 29; the residents in Fairfax and Prince William County were advised to send e-mails, alternate phone numbers and drive to a police or fire station if they had an emergency according to Bloomberg.

Winds blew down lines leaving the emergency network down early June 30,according to Harry Mitchell; a company spokesman the service has been partly restored in both counties. The FCC wishes for Verizon to investigate the extent of the outage, as well as explaining why 10,000 calls to 911 centers failed to connect.

Daily Press reports that one local leader is not happy at all, especially when it comes to the speed of restoration and Verizon’s response. The storm known as derecho also left customers in the city of Manassas with 911 calls issues.

Please do let us know if you are having any problems at all with Verizon outages, if you were we would love for you to state what area you are from before leaving your comment, thank you.


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    Cconrow says:

    We have Verizon FiOS bundled package.  Since last Friday, the internet, phones & TV have not worked.  We live in Croom, MD.  Does anyone know when we will get our service restored? The power was restored by PEPCO on Sunday, July 1, so that is not the problem.  Just have not seen a Verizon vehicle in our area at all.


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      Granbyfarm says:

      Still waiting to be connected to the Internet.  No answers.  I am taking two online graduate courses and I wonder if Verizon would like to pay for those?  So irritated and anxious about my class status. 
      Derwood, MD

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