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We get many articles sent to us, and today is all about apps. There are many smartphone users out there that do not know about applications and usually it is the older generation or those not really that much into technology. The articles provider calls this “The Dummies Guide – What is an App?” and explains in simple terms, please do post your comments on what you think about the articles provider knowledge.

An app is the short term for application. This is widely used now because of the applications that are now popular and are installed in mobile gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. They are either purchased from a central app market or can be downloaded free from official websites of different apps. The apps are designed to make a mobile gadget much more useful other than making phone calls or sending text messages. They are run by software that is similar to the one that is installed within the mobile gadget.

Apps for mobile devices have a variety of uses from organizational tools, games, entertainment, news, books, video, photo, GPS, motion sensors, maps, or even calorie counters. There are so many apps with various purposes and it is just up to the user to find one that suits their needs and lifestyle.

Where to Buy
The best way to get apps is to buy them from the central app market depending on the operating system of the phone or tablet. There are instances when they are free and sometimes, there is a small price to pay. However, getting the apps will also depend on the service provider, type of firmware, and the model of the phone or tablet unit itself.

Installation and Recovery
Installation of apps is easy. Users just need to click or drag app icons to their phones or tablets and the app will download and install instantly. Deleting an app will just mean that the user has to drag and drop the app icon into the trash in the mobile phone or tablet. All other data will be deleted and may not be recovered, depending on the code of the app.

While the creators of apps make an effort to determine problems with the app prior to release, there are still times when bugs are more likely to be seen by the users once the app is released. This means that the apps need to be fixed and then the users need it to be updated every so often.

Design and Programming
Many programmers are now into devoting their time in designing apps for mobile devices. Most of them have skills in graphic design as well as computer programming. Usually a team of people to produce a much more useful and user-friendly app creates an app. Most of the time, determining an app’s price depends on the ideas and final usability of the app, according to the designers and programmers.

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