New Food & Drink App Store category ahead of iOS 6

It appears that ahead of the major redesign that is coming with iOS 6, Apple is adding a new category to the App Store, a new category for food and drink iOS apps, and Apple has sent out emails to existing iOS developers notifying them of the upcoming new category, and relevant apps will be automatically migrated to the new category.

According to the guys over at Mac Stories, Apple says that the new food and drinks category will include iOS applications that will help users manage recipes, mix drinks, cook and bake, locate new bars and restaurants, along with learning what their friends also like to eat and drink.

However, the new food and drink category in the App Store wont include apps on food related gaming apps, coupon clipping, grocery shopping, or diet.

Apparently the dedicated food and drinks category arrives due to thousands of iOS apps achieving success being used as tools to find local restaurants and manage recipes on Apple gear, and iOS 6 will also include Yelp check-ins which should benefit form a new category.

At the moment, Apple has a custom cooking section that showcases hand-picked iOS app for drinks, recipes, shopping and reference manual, and according to Apple the new food and drink category will show up in the App Store in the next few weeks.

So there you have it, seems having a food and drinks category is a good idea to me, at least those iOS faithful that love all things food and drink will now be able to go direct to that category to get their preferred apps rather than searching all the App Store.


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  1. that is what is probably going to happen with the FOOD & MOOD app. it is now listed under Lifestyle, but it will probably land in the food & drink category. although it could also be in the health category, since it is able to tell You which foods are followed by negative moods. thanks for the article.

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