Sub-$80 Samsung Intensity 3 via Verizon now

If you are one of the Verizon faithful over in the good old US of A, and have a preference for feature phones over smartphones, and in the market for a new handset you might like to hear that you can now purchase the Samsung Intensity 3 from the Big Red for under the 80-buck mark.

According to the guys over at Sammy Hub, Verizon has now made the Samsung Intensity 3 available to purchase, a mobile phone that is targeted towards social network users and those that like to text, and the Intensity 3 conforms to military spec 810F against dust, solar radiation, extreme temps, low pressure, shock and so on.

The Samsung Intensity 3 features a 2.4-inch QVGA display along with a slide out QWERTY keyboard with dedicated hot keys, a 2 megapixel camera , Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, access to Facebook and Twitter, Verizon Navigator, a 3.5mm headphone jack and microSD expansion up to 32GB.

The Samsung Intensity 3 measures 4.41 x 2.12 x 0.75 inches with a weight of 4.06 ounces, is an eco-friendly handset with exterior plastics made from 80 percent PCM, and also comes with an eco-calculator installed so the user can track their own carbon footprint.

Not too sure why anyone would opt for a feature phone over a smartphone these days, but if you do fancy owning the Samsung Intensity 3, you can purchase the device by hitting up Verizon online where the handset will cost you $79.99 when signing on for the usual two-year term.


6 thoughts on “Sub-$80 Samsung Intensity 3 via Verizon now”

  1. Rjackson says:

    Not too sure why anyone would opt for afeature phone over a smartphone these days…”

    There are MANY people who only need to make calls and text, and don’t want to spend the $50+ monthly data plans that smartphones necessitate.  I, for one, am hanging on to feature phones until they are no longer available.  With WiFi so readily available, tablets with no monthly data fees are a great way to access emails, surf the web, upload stuff to social networks, etc while you are on the go.  I may be in the minority, but basic phones still make a lot of sense for millions of users.

    1. Overtherainbow says:

      God yes
      So sick of smart phone push when i have plenty of other net access
      I don’t want to p,ay on the phone
      I hope feature phones don’t go
      Trying to make up my mind from brightside or cosmos 2 which is available
      Or submit to verizon price for intensity 3

  2. Tim Cupery says:

    “Not too sure why anyone would opt for a feature phone over a smartphone these days”

    I had the same thought as Rjackson, in response to this line from the review. Those of us who most want to have internet access, often have plenty of internet access already at work and at home.

    I understand the situation in England may be somewhat different, but U.S. sales plans make it extremely difficult to have a nice device without being locked into a data contract that costs an extra $30-50 per month.

  3. Amyandkendall says:

    I don’t know why anyone would pay so much for data plans! Give me a feature phone any day. I have plenty of Internet access and don’t need it on my phone. I prefer my iPad for Internet.

  4. Art says:

    Waste of $250.00 U.S. money per month. Me, the Dummy wants the best. I buy 2 HTC EVO 4Gs and a Blackberry Tour for Europe. Sprint has problems, big problems. They are not honest with us the customers. So, now I am waiting for the Samsung Intensity III. I see bad reviews and some good. 2 more days for delivery. Verizon is the carrier. I hope for the best. Bill is $120 Month for unlimited calls and text. Samsung disappointed me terribly when I spent $450.00 on the original Instincts and Sprint did not want to do a thing. I never used them, really. $600.00 HTC EVOS. $250.00 for the Blackberry. Waste of precious money since 1996!!

  5. Kellin says:

    I have the first version of this phone and it was impossible to break… I drowned it, threw it many times against the cement, and finally had to throw it 50 feet against a brick wall onto a cement floor to make it semi unusable… It still works though and I’m sure this one is more durable so if you don’t want your kids to break their phone… Get them this