Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 model coming in 6 days

If you are one of the Android faithful over in the good old US of A, and your preferred carrier happens to be of the Big Red colour, you are no doubt still waiting to be able to get your mitts on the latest ICS smartphone to be delivered by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Well your wait to be able to play nice with the Verizon Galaxy S3 will not continue for much longer.

According to the guys over at Engadget, the Big Red has been a bit vague over just when customers will be able to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3, saying the device will launch in the ‘coming weeks’; however, Verizon has now placed an official date when you can get the Galaxy S3.

Verizon has now stated that customers that want to purchase the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will be able to do so both online and in stores as of the 10th of this month. So only six more days of waiting until you can have the Samsung Galaxy S3 in your hands.

However, apparently if you want the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S3 you will only be able to purchase the device online, as only the 16GB model will be available in stores initially, with the 32GB SGS3 hitting Verizon stores, again in the ‘coming weeks.’

With the Big Red, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in both white and blue variants, with the 16GB handset commanding a price tag of 200-bucks, and the 32GB version having a price tag of 250-bucks.

So there you go, only six more days wait to hit up Verizon and grab yourself Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship smartphone; any of our readers going to pick up the Galaxy S3 from Verizon?


6 thoughts on “Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 model coming in 6 days”

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    The Wait Is Over!!!! says:

    I pre-ordered my 32 GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 on 06/06/12 @ 6:00 AM CST and received confirmation from Verizon that it has shipped via FedEx (leaving from Memphis, TN) and will arrive on my door steps tomorrow!  I can’t Wait!

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      Willie8036 says:

       Did yours originally say 7/9 as a ship date? I have hopes I will be as lucky as you!

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    Willie8036 says:

    Pre-ordered the 32GB Pebble Blue from Verizon on June 6th. Confirmation “says” ship July 9th.

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    TonyXL says:

    I hope some review models trickle out before my order ships, so I can cancel if the LTE murders the battery.

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