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We know that many readers of Phones Review are fans of We Heart It, the website that enables users to organize and share the things they love with others. We’ve had many queries asking why there is no We Heart It app and it does seem as though an app is needed instead of just a shortcut icon. Today we have some news on this for you that sounds encouraging.

For any of you who haven’t yet heard of We Heart It, it’s a website that enables users to save amazing images that they may come across while Web browsing and to share them with friends by ‘hearting’ them. You can organize the images into sets for whatever categories you choose, places you’d like go, haircuts, and people you admire being just a few examples. Users can also follow what their friends are hearting and heart it too if they choose and there are now literally millions of images on the website so you can look at the things that interest you.

It has certainly become a very popular site and therefore it does seem somewhat surprising that there is not yet a We Heart It app. However it seems that the website did issue some news back in March about a mobile optimized version of the website explaining why there isn’t an app yet. In the post We Heart It says that they will definitely get around to an app at some point but that they first want to focus on optimizing a mobile friendly website so that all smartphone users can easily navigate the website.

Another reason for no app being available yet is because it will be very difficult to get iTunes app store approval because of the wide variety of images hearted and the site’s lack of control over the content. However We Heart It states they do hope to improve the moderation process so that an app will be possible for iOS and Android devices, and maybe other platforms, in the future. We Heart It also asks for your patience while they’re working on this so although apps may not be imminent, hopefully we will see them further down the line.

In the meantime though you can create a shortcut to the We Heart It website for the homescreen of your iOS device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This will provide you with easier access to the site while you’re waiting (patiently or not!) for the app to arrive. Simply open Safari and type in weheartit.com. When it has loaded tap ‘Share’ on the bottom of the display and then tap on the second option ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Then all you need to do is clear the text field by tapping the X on it, type in We Heart It, and then tap the ‘Add’ button on the top right of the screen. That will give you a We Heart It icon on your home screen. If you want to see more on how to do this then head here for illustrated instructions.

If you’re new to We Heart It and want to check it out then head to the website here. We’d like to hear your thoughts on We Heart It and the lack of an app so far? If an iOS or Android app became available would you use it? Let us know with your comments.


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