iPad Mini mass production kicks in September

Well now if this latest rumour is anything to go by it would appear that Apple is definitely going to deliver the much talked about smaller version of their Apple iPad, known as the Apple iPad Mini, which the word is will enter mass production sometime in September.

According to the guys over at Technobuffalo an article by The Wall Street Journal seems to confirm that the Apple iPad Mini will become a reality, with the reports saying that Apple had played with the idea of delivering a smaller iOS tablet, but had not decided whether to go forward with its development.

But the WSJ is now saying that Apple is reportedly scheduled mass production for the Apple iPad Mini in September, with this news coming from ‘people familiar with the situation.’ which suggests that a launch of the smaller iOS tablet is near.

Apparently officials at the component suppliers say they have been told by Apple to prepare for mass production of the smaller tablet.

Obviously as with all things Apple, the company when asked declined to comment, whilst analysts have said that the Apple iPad Mini could help Apple maintain dominance in the tablet space that is getting increasingly crowded with Apple rivals.

So there you go, if this latest rumour is spot on, it would appear that there is no doubt Apple is about to enter the smaller tablet space to take on the likes of the Google Nexus 7, and Amazon Kindle Fire 2 with the Apple iPad Mini.


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  1. I am in the market for a tablet that I can give my daughter, who is turning five in a few months, as an educational tool. But I didn’t want anything to bulky for her. This iPad Mini is perfect! I cannot wait for the release.

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