Nexus 7 colourful covers outed by Asus

No doubt if you are considering picking up the first Android Jelly Bean packing tablet from Asus in the form of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, you will no doubt be wanting sooner or later to pick up a cover so that your Nexus 7 remains in pristine condition and is protected from the usual everyday scuffs and scratches.

Thus to accommodate your need for Nexus 7 covers, according to the guys over at Intomobile, Asus has now used their official Twitter account to let everyone know that there are a few Google Nexus 7 tablet covers coming out to play at some point in the not too distant future.

The Asus tweet simply said “And we’ve got things covered,’ along with an image showing off the upcoming colourful Nexus 7 covers (image above).

As you can see there will be five, according to the guys, but I make six different colour covers for the Android Jelly Bean slate unless they are all that blue colour inside; black, blue, orange, magenta, light grey and cyan.

Unfortunately though Asus didn’t actually give a hint as to just when these Nexus 7 covers would become available to the public, or make any mention as to just how much they will cost.

Having said that, one can presume that considering the price tag of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, these covers shouldn’t have too large a price tag attached, and no doubt we will soon be seeing an abundance of Nexus 7 covers and cases being unveiled by other accessory makers in the mobile space as well.

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