Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 locked bootloader & fire mystery solved

Some owners of various smartphones whether it is on the Android platform or an iPhone like to personalize their device as much as possible, this means installing custom software, or jailbreaking the handset. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally starting to reach some lucky customers early and there are reports that the bootloader is locked, and the recent mystery of a Galaxy S3 that caught fire has been solved.

Some lucky Verizon customers have already begun receiving their Samsung Galaxy S3, but according to Android Central it has been discovered that the handset has a protected bootloader, which will mean for the time being at least there will be no easy solution to hacking the device or flashing unsigned images. This is totally different to other Galaxy S3 handsets or previous Galaxy models and any other handset the company has produced.

There is still hope though and it is possible that a different version of Odin is all that is needed, or there is a problem with the way images are being packed even though it does seem like the bootloader has been locked down by Verizon. This doesn’t mean that we will never see the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 hacked or rooted, but it won’t be an easy process along the lines of HTC or Motorola handsets on the carrier.

Currently it isn’t known why Verizon has gone down this route but all should become clearer in the coming days. Meanwhile last month we told you about an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 reporting that his handset had burst into flames rendering the device useless, but now as a The Verge are reporting Samsung has provided an update on the issue.

Following investigations by fire authorities in the UK that were asked to look into the case by the company it seems the handset was not to blame for the fire. It concluded that the heat build up that caused the handset to combust was likely down to an external source, and according to the pattern of damage the handset was likely to have been placed in a microwave oven.

Also the person that made the original complaint has back tracked on his original claim, and in a forum post stated that another person had been trying to repair the handset after it had been in contact with water. He also said that there was no fault with the smartphone and called the issue a “stupid mistake”.

Have you received your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 yet?


12 thoughts on “Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 locked bootloader & fire mystery solved”

    1. Reply
      TommyNYC says:

      Same here… my shiny new toy is kept locked away not even 20 minutes from me, have to wait till monday 🙁

  1. Reply
    Taters343 says:

    Mine doesn’t even ship until the 11th, which is a pain since I’ve been using a broken OG Droid for the past few months.

    1. Reply
      Felstaley says:

       lol mine shipped today and i too am on a OG Droid that makes dial-up noises every time it accesses the internet

  2. Reply
    nick212 says:

    it’s a travesty that any dipwad can blackmail a multinational via blogging. all these stories picked up on various websites about a combustible galaxy s3 because a lying moron microwaved his phone and wanted a free replacement.

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