CSR Racing game app for iOS, Android still waiting

At Phones Review we like to bring you news of some of the most popular and useful apps as well as details of all the latest mobile technology. Today we want to talk about the CSR Racing game app, which is now available for iOS devices, although at present it seems the Android platform is still waiting.

We know from many comments to previous app posts that Android device users can often become frustrated when so many apps are launched on the iOS App Store before they get to the Google Play store for Androids and CSR Racing seems to be another of those instances. For now though we’ll give you the details of the iOS app, designed for iPhone and iPad and compatible with devices running iOS 4.0 or later. This is also a free app, so why not check it out, although you may end up spending out on in-app purchases.

CSR Racing from NaturalMotion is available from iTunes here and was released on June 28. This racing experience involves a drag race along city streets with high-fidelity graphics designed to beat other 1080p console racing games. Licensed cars for the game include Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini and Nissan and cars can be upgraded with turbos, nitrous injection, tweaks to the aerodynamics and racing tires to suit your driving style. Cars can also be customized with custom license plates, paints and decals and there’s an underlying edge to the game involving the crews that rule the city and their own drivers.

Certainly sounds as though there’s plenty to get your teeth into and we’d like to hear your thoughts on CSR Racing. Are you an Android device user and fed up that you’re still waiting for the game on your platform? Maybe you’re an iOS device user and have already played the game, in which case let us know what you think of it? Send your comments to let us know.

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  • Eric

    When does this game actually coming out for android?

  • Eric

    I can’t wait for this game…

  • Ciskjezetec

    please can anyone specify date when this game is going to be compatible with android please?

  • Seanbayley2
  • Linusneuman

    And for Windows Phone? Come on, I want to play aswell!

  • juangutierrez29

    Hurry up and make it available for android our devices are more than caipable to handle that game

  • Peterpan

    C’mon release it for android please. It’s a highly addictive game and I play it on iPhone. Sadly I’ll be giving my iPhone to my partner as a gift for her birthday and I’ll be using an android.

  • Mrnevera

    Puñeta saquenlo ya para android esta mega brutal

  • Dclark836

    Im fed up i love racing games and really want to play ot i have the s3 you need to hurry and get it to is android users

  • Agn4443

    Im so ready for this release! Just seeing it on IPhone id give it the best rating.. I have a motorola atrix 2 make it compatible with my device if you wouldn’t mind.. Cant wait anylonger please release soon!!

  • Bigd9584

    I just beat the drag racing game completely n a coworkers showed me this game on his I phone n I’m hooked can’t wait for it to come out on Android! One of the most cool look race games I have seen on a phone!

  • Baggio556

    Am using android device and am waiting for this game.
    If u have any idea when this game come for android?

  • Nurazwan18

    I using android phone . So when the confirm dste csr racing relese for android . Im still waiting .

  • http://twitter.com/Sonicpro0w Nico Zlocki

    when oh when for android????!!!! i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • swagg like jagger

    please be free in google play store

  • whisper

    can anyone tell as when this game will come out …

  • riano brieffies

    I want csr racing dit android!

  • steelhorse

    I’ve finished the game on iphone and though it’s a fun game it’s also predatory and virtually everything will cost you something, time money both. The worst part is paying for items and not receiving them, contacting the vendor and no response and it’s been weeks and several attempts. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many others who haven’t received their in app purchases as well.

  • steelrampage

    loved it at iphone best game ever now is my iphone 4 gone got a galaxy 2 now and want that game so bad best ever doesnt know a game better looking and working !!!!

  • mathew

    i’m waiting , now i’m playing drag racing , it’s similar

  • nemo

    for android please !!

  • dale3513

    Great game! Got to 111th/10M+ but costs real $$$ to compete with best cars and the necessary upgrades to consistently win at every level. ..no need to charge for the game. Can’t wait for the Android version!

  • akae khan

    Please can you hurry up for the android vetsion. i have seen it on the iphone and it is absolutely exxellent. cant wait longer. when will it be released to androids??

  • pipis

    this game in android an soon!!!otherwise IOS 4ever

  • triadyz

    Please release it for android…… i wanna play it…..

  • ghfyftyfuu9kvr

    mmnm mmnmnmnmnnmmnmnnm nm mn n mnmnmmmm m m m m nmn nmm n mnmn mn mn mnmnnm nm nm mn nm nm nm nmmn nm nm nm n n nmljb n.kjblkjvjhbhhjhb,njbhvh gjubh j hjhujb hnhhufg iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooon hbvhvjh uhbn hjhjjjk

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