iPhone 5 commercial takeover and video bliss

Currently the must have smartphone for consumers is the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has seen record orders for the company since it was first officially revealed and then released to the public, but in the coming months the smartphone wars are set to heat up with the expected release of the iPhone 5, which is believed to be a commercial takeover in the smartphone world.

While none of the new features that the handset will bring to the table are officially known, there are already millions of consumers that have made their mind up to purchase the device without knowing its specifications. There has been a lot of talk of a slightly larger display on the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen the most common size being tipped.

This year though the next version of the iPhone is going up against the toughest competition it as ever seen, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 leading the way. Many feel that Apple has to pull something special out of the bag this time round as there are even some iPhone fans thinking of switching to rival smartphone offerings.

Below we have some iPhone 5 commercials for you that feature concept ideas for the upcoming handset, and in the first one you can see a device that is see through with an advanced camera and Siri features. The second video is a bit tongue in cheek as it talks about the device being made from wood so it can easily be burnt, or shatter from only a small drop.

It goes on to talk about some new software features that see the end of Siri, and goes on to reveal a somewhat extortionate asking price for the handset. The video finishes with the message that we gave up but you will buy it anyway, which will make many Android fans chuckle.

The last video is another sarcastic offering that says that while the iPhone 4S was revolutionary, the iPhone 5 will be world changing. It then talks about new features that include a flame thrower, but other than that they kept it simple by adding an extra lens that was supposed to be added to the last model. While the videos are a bit of fun do you think the iPhone 5 will leave its rivals in its wake?


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    Louis says:

    The transparent iPhone mock up with the ability to extend, see right through and shoot camera is an awesome concept. True futuristic. The hologram keyboard is revolutionary. Why? Because although many will not find the hologram useful for extended use, it would be a revolutionary selling point and will have more of an appealing futuristic look the user can show off versus Samsung’s Galaxy S3 which allows the person to share files by placing two of the same phones back to back, which I doubt people will actually end up using. Plus both people will need the same Samsung galaxy S3 for it to work and does not seem futuristic as to consider that revolutionary. Its just seens old fashioned all ready. Also as I’ve noticed, having an iPhone with a sloped back panel is not only ridiculous, it makes no sense. For one you cannot lay the phone flat on a table and if you placed the phone with a sloped back on one, the moment you try to tap the screen, your finger will cause that phone to slip and shoot right on off the table.

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      mrbedlamman says:

      Have you used any other phone? When you get used to the 4.5 inch android screens you cant even use an iPhone anymore.

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    Harry Potter :P says:

    First video is amazing. But it is very unlikely to happen (but you never know). I mean, where would all the circuits, battery, inners, etc… go? I hope it comes out i mean its amazing. According to my knowledge I think that this type of technology wont be out for around a decade. But we will see it in our generation. I am a teen so i will likly see this. 

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      potstirrer says:

      inners?  its innards actually.

      and according to your knowledge that tech will be out in a decade?  you’re a teen, wtf do you know?  lol

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