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If you are over in the USA, and a customer of Comcast, you might be using their xfinity entertainment system for you on-demand TV, Internet, and home security. So what we thought we’d do today is bring you a list of Comcast xfinity mobile apps that are available to download for both the Android and iOS user.

There are a few apps available to both Android and iOS that are the same, whilst there is one specific to Android and another specific to iOS, which means we have a total of five Comcast xfinity apps for your consideration below.

So we’ll kick things off with the XFINITY TV app for both Android and iOS, which puts the world of entertainment in your hand, enabling the user to control their television, search On Demand and TV listings, along with scheduling your DVR recordings.

The XFINITY TV app for Android devices and the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, allows the user to play content on their device anytime and anywhere, browse thousands of titles in the On Demand library, see customised TV listing by area, filter content via network, HD, free, genre and more, quickly locate what you are looking for. The XFINITY TV app is available for Android for free from Google Play and the iOS app is free from iTunes.

Next up we have the XFINITY Connect app for iOS and Android, a mobile application that enables the user to stay connected whilst on the go. Enabling the user to check their Comcast email, send and receive texts, and check on your Xfinity voicemail.

The XFINITY Connect app has a new look and feel with easy navigation, allowing you to create groups and favourites so that you never miss that message, whilst filtering enables the user to easily view voicemails, texts and emails via contact. With this app you can also send free texts to anywhere in the United States and Canada with no text plan required from your provider. The XFINITY Connect app is again available for Android for free from Google Play and the iOS app is free from iTunes.

Then there is the XFINITY Home Security app for iOS and Android, an application that enables the customer to securely access their system at any time and anywhere. The app offers reliable security intrusion and fire protection equipment with 24-hour central station monitoring.

The XFINITY Home Security app delivers web and smartphone access to your home security system, with live video for real-time viewing, remote lighting and thermostat control, an interactive touch screen for lighting control, arming/disarming, quick glance info, and live video from your home cameras, event triggered video and images via email, and event triggered text messages when they occur. The XFINITY Home Security app is again a free download from Google Play and iTunes.

Next up we have the iOS specific app, XFINITY TV Sports Remote app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and is an iOS app that allows the user to find out what sports games are on television right now, today and coming up, and lets you see the current scores of the games.

The XFINITY TV Sports Remote app for iOS is for sports and nothing but sports allowing you to catch up on the action with NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA men’s basketball and NCAA football, and also allows you to change channel or set your DVR with a single tap. The XFINITY TV Sports Remote app can be downloaded to your iOS device for free by hitting up iTunes.

Lastly we have the app just for Android, the XFINITY TV Player app, which enables the Android user to watch thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies anywhere and anytime on your Android smartphone or Android tablet.

With the XFINTY TV Player Android app the user can view content from their favourite networks along with premium channels such as the Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and HBO, along with cable channels such as Cartoon Network, BBC America, TBS and TNT. The XFINITY TV Player app for Android can be downloaded from Google Play again for free.

So there you have our listing of Comcast xfinity apps for both Android and iOS platforms, do any of our readers use any of these apps?

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