Motorola SF600 Bluetooth headset making love with ears

With the advancement of mobile technology in recent years has brought with it a growth in third party and official accessories for our handsets, and today we have news of the Motorola SF600 Bluetooth headset that’s making love with ears.

Users can now get freedom for the ultimate workout thanks to the neat looking Motorola SF600 Bluetooth headset, which is brought to you by Motorola Mobility Japan Inc according to an article over at Equalities.com. The headset is promised to be the perfect Bluetooth sports headset for active use while outdoors, and delivers wearers rich and pumping sound quality that is as good as a wired alternative.

It provides HD audio sound quality that features a deep bass with premium acoustic technology, while a hydrophobic mesh on the earphones keeps moisture at bay. The Motorola SF600 is manufactured using strong but lightweight KEVLAR Fibre that is tough enough for the most demanding of workouts and five types of ear cushions guarantee that customized and comfortable fit.

Other features include Music Controls with one touch music pause, talk time of up to 7.5 hours, audio playback time up to 7 hours, standby time up to forty hours, and Bluetooth 3.0. The Motorola SF600 will be available for 12,800 from July 13th, and for more information call the Motorola Customer Center on 0120-227-217.

The availability in other countries and regions is not currently known and the selling price will depend on individual retailers. Do you know of any similar Bluetooth headsets or currently use something like the Motorola SF600?

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