Amazing Alex blast off on July 12 for iOS & Android

There are enormous amounts of people waiting for the Angry Birds successor to arrive from Rovio, called Amazing Alex. Regular readers may recall that we recently told how this app was coming to the iPhone and iPad on iOS and Android devices some time in July and today we have great news for hungry gamers, as it will release on July 12, only two days away.

Amazing Alex is set to be a huge hit, even though it has not even launched yet, such is the popularity of Rovio’s Angry Birds series which took gaming apps by storm. For a long time people wondered what Rovio could come up with as a follow on from the smash-hit phenomenon that Angry Birds has been and now Rovio will be hoping to succeed with Angry Alex. An official trailer video has now been released by Rovio that you can see below this story.

The even better news for Android device owners is that unlike so many apps, Amazing Alex will release on iOS and Android on the same date. We know from response to many of our previous posts how frustrating it can be for Android users when they have to wait for an app release that is already popular on iOS and so this will be welcome news. This is expected to be a high-quality game and with over 100 levels to tackle it should keep eager gamers entertained.

It’s a physics-based adventure, a re-invented version of Casey’s Contraptions, with Alex being a ‘whiz kid’ across 4 locations and with free updates being issued regularly. Players can also design and build their own levels using 35 interactive objects and can challenge friends to join in the fun too. Ingeniously some of the puzzles will have more than one solution. News of the July 12 release date on the App Store and on Google Play came to us from The Verge, sourced from Twitter, and Rovio also has plans for Amazing Alex to come to other platforms too. You can also see confirmation of the July 12 date on this Rovio page.

We’d like to know if you’re one of the many gaming app enthusiasts who are waiting to play Amazing Alex. Do you have high hopes for the game because of it being from the creators of Angry Birds? Are you pleased to hear it will be released at the same time for iOS and Android device users? Send your comments to let us know.


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