AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket ICS update not Jelly Bean

For those over in the good old US of A that happen to own the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on AT&T, you have been waiting for your android smartphone to get updated to the latest Android OS for quite some time, but now that update is rolling out to the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, although unfortunately its not quite the latest Android operating system Android Jelly Bean, but rather Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to the guys over at Android Community, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich official update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on AT&T is being rolled out via Samsung Kies, mores the pity, as an OTA update would be much better and easier.

However you will need to hit up Samsung Kies and look for build i707UCLF6, and download the Android Ice Cream sandwich update to your device, and apparently the main difference between this official update and the one that appeared back in March is this one will update the AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket to Android 4.0.4 rather than Android 4.0.3, but otherwise the update should be basically the same.

Thus if you are an AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket owner running Android 4.0.3 you can not grab Android 4.0.4, just a pity it isn’t Android Jelly Bean, wouldn’t that be nice? But there you go, you can’t have everything all at once, but at least you’ll be rocking the latest ICS update once you have done the deed.

Of course if any of our Galaxy S2 Skyrocket owners out there should experience any problems grabbing the Android 4.0.4 ICS update, feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


74 thoughts on “AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket ICS update not Jelly Bean”

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        Dester Medina says:

        Everytime I updated Kies Air, it kept on asking for the same update. I don’t know how to make it actually update…

        1. Reply
          kishore says:

          I updated my Skyrocket via Kies  no issues. The complete Upgrade process took
          15 mins


          Here is what you need to do

          -       Open Samsung
          Kies (Not Kies Air)

          -       Connect
          your phone to PC

          -       Once
          your Kies  connects to your Samsung
          Galaxy S2 Skyrocke phone

          -       Click
          on  “Check for Updates”  under “Help” Tab 

          -       That will
          download all Updates to Kies first and then installs them to your phone.

          1. Dester Medina says:

            I’ve done this 3 times now, excluding the other 10 tries yesterday. Everytime I “update” kies, it asks me if I want to update Kies. After I just “updated” it 3 times. I think it might just be the computer. Maybe it’s not letting it download exactly what it needs.

          2. HNXS says:

            Uninstall Kies, uninstall any Samsung drivers that were installed. Reboot, install Kies fresh from the Samsung site. Launch it and let it install the updates. Connect your phone, make sure that Kies detect it. Then Kies will automatically pop up firmware update available. Done mine yesterday, works great so far. Rooted and removed all the bloatwares.

          3. JiBbLiN J says:

            You have rooting instructions for AT&T Skyrocket on 4.0.4? I’m rooted now… If I update will I lose my root?

    1. Reply
      Dester Medina says:

      I think that’s what’s happening with me. I can’t seem to update to ICS because Kies Air won’t recognize it :

        1. Reply
          Dester Medina says:

          Yeah, that’s it. I thought it was the same name 😛 do you think it could just be the computer?

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    Guest says:

    Seriously I can’t believe you complain several times in this article how this isn’t Jelly Bean. Do you have any idea how QA even works? Not a snowball’s chance in hell would JB be ready for a 3rd party carrier-branded phone already. 

  2. Reply
    Dester Medina says:

    I tried all day yesterday trying to update my Skyrocket via Kies Air and nothing. It just kept saying Kies Air had an update and everytime I updated it, it would keep telling me it had an update. I ended up updated it 5 times and still no ICS update for my Skyrocket :

  3. Reply
    rhonin says:

    Interesting I connected my Skyrocket to Kies and it told me I had an update.  Offered to download and install.  Then errored out with the following message: “Your device does not support software updating via Kies.”

          1. Dester Medina says:

            I think I updated Kies over 20 times and it’s still telling me to update it to the latest versio and then I can update my firmware. Then why the hell isn’t it updating like it says it is. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Could it be my computer?

          2. No says:

             try a different cable. I found when we got these new phones the old USB cables we have cause all sorts of issues. Connect directly to the mobo, no hubs or other crap. Do not use usb that isnt soldered to the mobo, such as front usb ports etc. I think this is where 90% of the complaints are coming from. My update failed first time due to a crap cable. Kies not finding the phone is a cable issue too. Also check the taskbar on win pcs cause a usb message or error will cause Kies to not see the device. I would also not put it past things like itunes screwing com up as well. For that matter any software that runs craplets to manage USB DEVICES.

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    As400manager says:

    Lots of Pros and Cons. Love the extra battery life, Hate the fact the messaging Icon no long has a number by it when you have a message ( only shows on the lock screen and in the top bar now) but not beside messaging icon. Love that you can make the texting fonts HUGE now (I have bad eyesight). HATE the YP in contacts, if you remove YP from ICS the YP stays in contacts and then if you accidentally hit it your phone locks up try to find the app for some time. Also hate all the extra fluff ware that gets installed. And finally they have done a good job keeping people from tethering. I’m rooted and have tried many of the tethering apps none work now and have not seen anyone have any luck yet.

    1. Reply
      Anon says:

       I absolutely hate the YP entry. AT&T put it in there as free advertising for them (they own Yellow Pages) I think it is wrong and unethical that you can’t delete it. Then the fact that is crashes your loader and you contacts…..that pisses me off even more.

      1. Reply
        Ted says:

        Ditto, just installed ICS and want the YP entry gone from my contacts! I agree, you SHOULD be able to delete it!!!

  5. Reply
    guest says:

    You should get your facts straight before you set them out for the world to see. The build number is not I707….the correct number is I727:4.0.4/IMM76D/UCLF6

  6. Reply
    Dan says:

    Just did the ICS update but my phone is frozen with a screen that says “Android is upgrading… Starting applications”.  It’s been like that for an hour.  Any idea’s?

    1. Reply
      FC says:

      My phone did this and then it locked up.  Tried to power down and back up again after it was stuck for 2 hours and now my phone is bricked.

  7. I have tried all day yesterday and today… my phone connects to Kies but it never gives me the option to download and upgrade to ICS. I’ve reinstalled Kies and the drivers, I’ve tried connecting to the internet via Wi-fi and connected to the modem…. Still no luck. Is this a rolling upgrade? Like do they only open it to so many people at a time?

  8. Reply
    Michael says:

    I got a text notification for the update from att, but kies air does not let me update.  No update button, no pop-up, nothing.

    1. Same thing here… the only thing i can think of is because it’s my work computer and there’s a firewall setting not allowing Kies to connect to Samsung…. same thing happened with Nike+ stuff I bought. 

    2. Reply
      Guest says:

       You can’t update via Kies Air, you have to use connect via “Kies” (not Kies Air) using a hard line, not wifi. Don’t know why, but it says this in the directions…

  9. Reply
    Elias says:

    my computer doesn’t recognize my phone to connect into Kies.. I got the text that ICS is out, and downloaded the Kies app on my computer tried resolving the problem to connect my phone but couldn’t figure it out… 

  10. Reply
    Skamatt23 says:

    Kies SUCKS!
    Had to reinstall
    Then couldn’t connect.
    Updated drivers for Kies
    Found my phone
    Downloading crashed
    Won’t connect even though I did nothing to interrupt.

    This updating not being over the air is the biggest pain in the a$$ ever.

    This sucks!

  11. Made the mistake of trying to update my Skyrocket using Kies on my Mac. That was a bad idea.

    As soon as I used a Windows computer, everything went smooth. Took around 20 minutes in total.

    Update is really nice. ICS is super slick, and I seem to have doubled my battery life.

  12. Reply
    Alaquey0 says:

    mine was updated to 4.0.4 but i notice that tons of the new features are missing!!! like i dont have the new integrated Peoples app and the redesigned gallery, nor do i have the virtual buttons???? wth??? can anyone explain? 

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    wayne johnson says:

    this has been theeeee worst update process in all my gadgetry experience…. pain. pain. pain.

    “your device does not support software update via kies”.. it shouldnt be this ridiculously hard to get an update out. I’ve been trying for two days, even called samsung and spoke to the “technicians”… they had no idea nor even a smidgen of information of there even being an ICS update.. i told em refer to the site, and all they could say was, “theres an error with the system”..

    no sh**

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    Fallonwalsh71 says:

    Oh my lord. I still haven’t upgraded my phone to ICS upgrade yet. So far I spent a hour trying to connect my phone. Still… nothing. Kies is awful. It tells me I need power levels over 40% my phone is plugged. Oh and it got worst. It said it could locate my moonless device being me.. I raged a bit. My stupid Mac. At the moment I would pefered having a iPhone.. updating the phone isn’t so hard and confusing. :/

  15. Reply
    Mahogany says:

    I updated using my mac, it took a while. I DO NOT like the new format of my text messages and the emoticons, it’s like they took it back 5 years in the design. HORRIBLE, I text a lot. As far as everything else I don’t see a difference, I should have just left well enough alone…

  16. Reply
    Michaelthethird says:

    I went on the kies website and did everything as it said to do connect your phone to the computer and I installed kies and got the update and the battery life lasts a lot longer and I like the new keyboards

  17. My OS won’t update. It says that it needs at least 3GB free space to install, but the phone only has a 2GB HD! is there a way to make it install to SD? IDK why they would release an update that is bigger that the phones capacity that they are targeting. How did everyone else get it to work?

    1. nvm. i tried one last time and it worked. idk what changed, but im not going to question it. something about a gift horse and its mouth…

  18. Reply
    Rockhead631 says:

    Anybody find a solution to the connection problem in kies? its updated but its not letting us connect again to restore it from back up

  19. Reply
    Joeblow says:

    This worked for me…

    1. Unplug the USB cable2. On the cell phone, dial the following number: *#7284# Once the last # is hit, the PhoneUtil application is launched. Choose USB -> Modem and then USB -> PDA mode. The good mode should be PDA. Even if the mode is PDA, switch to Modem and then back to PDA.3. Plug the USB cable.Now Kies should be able to find your phone..

  20. Reply
    Wharkins3 says:

    I connect my phone to my computer and have kies up and running but it keeps telling me that my phone doesn’t have an update available. Could it be because I am currently running firmware version: PDA:LF5 / Phone:LF5 / CSC:LF5. I the new update goes to LF6 though. Any Advice?

  21. Reply
    Baptiste says:

    initial install if ICS was daunting due to the Kies servers being obliterated by traffic but eventually it finally loaded. Is it worth it…the system seems to operate slower with a lag that wasn’t there before. Some newer features. Time will tell until jelly bean is available…who comes up with these ridiculous names. Stupid.

  22. Reply
    Asimmons256 says:

    i am extremely upset. the update was completed however, while rebooting my phone became stuck on the rethink possible screen. i’m not sure what to do. my phone has been on the same screen for over 3 hours. what should i do. this is very frustrating.

  23. Reply
    Guest says:

     I updated yesterday.  Well not me, my techie friend since I couldn’t get it to work.  I hate it.  I’m now asking my techie friend if he can revert it.  I hate the lag, I hate the predictive text, I don’t like the keyboard, I hate YP in my contacts and cannot delete.  Thought it was my contacts. I do like being able to easily see data usage, but that doesn’t make it worth all the rest.

  24. Reply
    Mortinox says:

    Ive had the ICS since it came out. Almost all my apps crash constantly. Its laggy and sluggish as all heck. Battery life shot to heck. Utter garbage.

  25. Reply
    Erekohn says:

    Battery life is a ever so slightly shorter for me. I updated, what, a week ago, and have had no real shutdown issues.

  26. Reply
    Hrushikesh Reddy says:

     use Odin3 software to update ICS in 7 min. its really works gud go to google about odin3 working process

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