HTC need for Android Jelly Bean

HTC has been delivering some very decent smartphones for some time now but it’s no secret that just lately the company hasn’t seemed to make quite the impact it was hoping for. Despite success with phones such as the HTC One X in the One Series, HTC hasn’t been able to make much headway against the likes of the mighty Apple or Samsung. Today we want to consider HTC and its need for Jelly Bean as this could be a way of keeping its devices alive for a little longer.

A recent ZDNet report tells how HTC earnings have dropped in its most recent financial report and that HTC is currently denying rumors of job cuts being made. However, the figures show that HTC is having worries as second quarter net profit was US $246.7 million whereas for the same quarter in 2011 the net profit was US $584.1 million. That represents a massive drop in earnings of 57.8%, which speaks for itself and it seems that some people are wondering if HTC should now drop the Android platform altogether.

According to WorldNewsResource analysts are questioning exactly what HTC has to come up with in order to get its fair share of the Android smartphone market against the other major players and the news doesn’t look promising with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming up and also the Apple iPhone 5 on the iOS platform. Hundreds of reports that are currently circulating either claim that HTC devices have already peaked or suggest that the company never stood a chance of success against the onslaught of Samsung Android Galaxy devices, which seems rather harsh to be fair. Apparently some have even implied that the launch of the iPhone 5 will be the “final nail in the company’s coffin,” but we have to question whether that will really be the case.

It would be fairer to point out that every manufacturer struggles against the dominance of Apple and Samsung and it’s not as though HTC is not offering some very decent phones, such as the HTC One X that has been a big hit. Rather than abandon Android altogether, we’d say it makes more sense that HTC seek out 4.1 Jelly Bean as soon as possible, both for updating current devices and also so that upcoming devices can be launched running it. The Google Nexus 7 tablet will be the first device launched on Jelly Bean but other manufacturers who can come up with new devices running Jelly Bean that get launched in the first wave would have an improved chance of success.

Although we haven’t yet heard of any new HTC flagships on the way featuring 4.1 Jelly Bean, at least it seems as though HTC is keen to get on board with updating current devices with the latest Android OS. NDTV tells how although nothing concrete has yet been issued, both HTC and Samsung have issued statements with initial comments. As Samsung make two of the first two devices that are slated to get the Jelly Bean update, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, it could be that it will also have earlier access for pushing out Jelly Bean updates although that’s certainly not set in stone. Samsung has said that an announcement will be made soon regarding which further devices will receive Jelly Bean.

The statement from HTC given to Android Central reads, “We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices. We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.” We would imagine that Jelly Bean will at least be rolled out to the One Series of HTC smartphones but again, nothing is yet confirmed. Nevertheless as HTC says it’s “excited” about Jelly Bean it certainly doesn’t seem as though HTC will be abandoning the Android platform any time soon.

It would seem that HTC has a decision to make. Whether to drop Android completely or dive head first into Jelly Bean? We feel that HTC needs Android but that it can’t use a half-hearted approach. Instead HTC has to embrace Jelly Bean completely and seriously attempt to come up with some really impressive devices that will launch using it, as well as promptly update existing devices to the new OS. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think HTC needs Jelly Bean too? Let us have your comments.


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    Jlst1989 says:

    I completely agree. HTC makes super quality phone. I had a HD2 by HTC, and I completely loved my phone. Last week when I was in the market for a new device, I knew which phone I wanted. I wanted another HTC phone. I wanted a phone made completely out of metal. Samsung make their phones out of cheap plastic. I do not take very good care of my phone, and I need a phone that can endure the abuse that I inflict on my phones. My HD2 lasted for three over two years in perfect condition. Despite all the time I dropped it and threw it across the room. I had so much confidence in my phone, I would juggle it sometime to impress my friend. I was able to do all of this because HTC makes super quality phones. 

    Last week, I did a little research and fell in love with the HTC One X. The hardware will bill relevant for the next two years and the cell phone case will protect my device until the end of the world.  

    1. Agree, what would 100% be better tho, is a Removable battery and SDCard.. I have theOne X since it came out and AMAZING phone! Sense UI is also,unbelievable! SOO much better than my Atrix 4G, and the iPhone 3G, 3GS,and 4 I owned in the past.

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        Harry.A.Barnett says:

        I really had a hard time trying to decide whether to get a phone with no removable battery; I did opt for the HTC One X, (having had the Desire), although impressed with the length of charge, I bought an external power bank from Amazon and can travel for days without needing a plug sock or electrical outlet!

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    Sujan says:

    i have HTC ONE S FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS NOW , its really fasttest phone i ever had seems faster than samsun S2 OR i phone 4s. Full HD video recording is amazine not other phone does at same quality , i love the designe and everything about htc one S  it didnt give me one lit mistake and allways works suppppperrr FASTTTTT

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    relax says:

    Wasn’t HTC the first OEM in the US to launch an Android 4.0 ICS phone?  What is so great about 4.1 that is missing from 4.0?  Most of the features advertised are already a part of Sense 4.0.  The HTC One has everything I need.  I am sure they are working on updating to 4.1 now, and will be out shortly.  What is the feature that people are missing in 4.0 with Sense that everyone is fussing about?  Dropping Android completely!??  Why would they do that when they make the best Android phones in the world?

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      Chris says:

      A decent voice search.  Seriously, the new Voice Search is massively important for a lot of people, myself included.

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          Chris says:

          Yes, it’s absolutely terrible.  Maybe it’s targeted to US only accents or something, I don’t know, but it’s never worked well for me.  My colleague’s Jelly Bean one works perfectly though.  In addition, the feature set on the new Voice Search is much more useful, especially the card based thing.

  4. HTC has, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful User Interfaces out there, better than any major manufacturer.. YES on par with Apple’s UI, and I seriously believe Google could learn from them (the stock Android UI is dark,grim and ugly, its just not professional)

    Along with that,I believe that HTC needs Android. They just need to be a little more aggressive. 

    The One Series should pretty much have been the same. All the same spec’s. It’s my belief that if they upgrade the One Series to Jelly Bean they’d win even more heart’s from people as well.

    In reality tho, the One X is probably their best phone yet: they seemed to think of an Apple approach tho, ya know?
    the One Series unified, all the same code,same spec’s.. With the Camera of the One X, processor speed and the removable battery with a SDCard…

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    Craig says:

    Why would they get out of the Android market (surely their biggest market)?  It’s not just Samsung that make Android phones, there are dozens of other manufacturers, so at worse HTC could stop competing for the super phone market and instead target the masses with lesser phones like the One V.  Having said that, give me some Jelly Bean (or even Ice Cream Sandwich) on my Desire HD, pretty please!

  6. They make amazing phones, but still they should jst make their phones more overall optimized, and make full use of the hardware, and update the software regularly 

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    Chris says:

    HTC One X is clearly a nicer phone than the Galaxy SIII; Samsung just has a much stronger advertising network. Hardware/specs wise are at least on par, and HTC clearly has nicer-looking phones. Galaxy SIII’s look (hardware and software wise) can be described with one word: tacky. 

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    nespid says:

    Of course HTC needs to release 4.1 on their One series.  The real issue is the carriers, and I can’t stand when a carrier sits on an update for a phone.  I think before the manufacturer gets in bed with a carrier, it should be settled at the onset that the carrier will release any updates within a set window after source code is released.  I purchased a Nexus S on AT&T on GB 2.3, expecting to get all of the latest google updates.  AT&T never released a single OTA, even though Google developed ICS for the Nexus S!!!!!  My hand was forced in the matter, to flash a custom ICS rom. Shameful.  Manurfacturers make their money selling to carriers, and end-user sales is a small part of their business. The One X is their flagship device and they should hold AT&T accountable for their brand being tarnished by AT&T’s lack of urgency when releasing OTA updates, and I’ll swear off HTC (again) if AT&T doesn’t release JB OTA. 

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    Azizi says:

    Just exchanged One S for a One X and I’m really happy with my decision. loving my One X can’t wait for the update

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    Waseem says:

    I have HTC One X bought in Hong Kong and it works perfect. No problem at all and it is definitely faster and better than any other phone at the moment. I have dropped it several times on a concrete surface (parking) and nothing happened, I was scared when I dropped it first time but just a few scratches on the body and nothing happened, phone works fine. I think it’s much more reliable than any Samsung plastic phones with very fragile casing and display.

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