FIFA 13 not just for consoles, it’s coming to App Store

If you are a lover of playing the beautiful game on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console, you will probably know that FIFA 13 is due to surface come September. However, if you prefer playing football games on your iPhone or iPad, there hasn’t yet been any word on whether FIFA 13 will be coming to the iOS platform.

However, it appears that FIFA 13 will be hitting the Apple App Store, as the guys over at Pocket-lint have discovered some screenshots of the iOS version of FIFA 13 by way of Fifaplay, that basically confirm FIFA 13 will be coming to iOS at some point.

The screenshots are of FIFA 13 for the iPhone and Apple iPad, and are snapped from an early build, as the guys say Drogba is playing for Chelsea, and Arsenal is wearing last seasons kit, and that the screens could be easily mistaken for the console version but for the on-screen controls.

Apparently the iOS version of FIFA 13 will include the enhanced social tool, EA Sports Football Club, and the game does make good use of the full 2048 x 1536 resolution of the new iPad.

The guys like to think that the game will look just as good on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2, and would hope the game will also run on the original Apple iPad, but there is no evidence whether the game will support the original iOS slate. There’s also no confirmation what features are present in the game or whether FIFA 13 will come to Android.

Obviously there’s no hard hint just when FIFA 13 will be available for iOS devices at the moment, but at least you now know the beautiful game is definitely headed for the App Store.


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    LebongJamez says:

    He forgot to mention that you will be able to use your iOS platform to cross play with your ps3 or Xbox. You will be able to carry over your career on your console to your iOS product.

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