iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test showdown

I’m sure you know that the latest challenger in the smartphone space to go up against the iPhone 4S is the Samsung Galaxy S3, and along with comparing the specifications of each handset, the natural progression in that comparison is to find out which device fairs better when it comes to the drop test.

So with this in mind, we have an iPhone 4S versus the Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test showdown video for your viewing consideration below, which pits the toughness of the iOS smartphone against the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset to see which device has the better survival factor.

According to the footage one-in-two handsets fail due to drops and spills, whilst one-in-four handsets owned by parents are accidentally damaged by their children, and apparently one-in-fifteen people damage their device either in or around a vehicle.

Anyway with those stats in mind, the video takes the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 and performs a drop test onto concrete from ear height, then get two kids to throw them, and lastly have the handsets slide of a car boot onto the road.

Of course when dropping a smartphone of any kind, the damage received depends on just how the handset lands, so basically one drop test wont deliver the same results as another, as each time you drop a phone it will land differently, so bear that in mind when watching this video.

I’m sure you know that both iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 sport Corning Gorilla Glass, whilst the iPhone 4S has a glass rear and the Galaxy S3 has a plastic casing, and of course you can always protect your handset by using one of the many cases available for each device.

However, the big question here is, which smartphone can come out on top in this drop test showdown, and to find out the answer to that question, you’ll need to head on down and hit that play button…enjoy.


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