Unlock the bootloader with Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition

The must have handset on the Android platform at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3, and over in the US the smartphone has seen high demand that has delayed some consumers getting hold of the device, today we have news of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition that will unlock the bootloader.

We told you a few days ago that the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 had a locked bootloader, but previously Samsung handsets have always came with easily un-lockable bootloaders, but as the team over at Engadget are reporting Samsung has decided to offer a user un-lockable Galaxy S3 Developer Edition especially for Verizon.

To get your hands on the device you will have to purchase it directly from Samsung’s own site here once it is available, but of course the handset won’t be available subsidized so it will cost about $600. It does mean you won’t have to renew your contract and still have all the other features of the subsidized model.

There is a catch though as if something goes wrong and you brick the handset you will be met with an expensive phone call to Samsung, compared to your usual trip down to your local Verizon store. According to Samsung the handset is aimed at Android fans that like to use custom ROMs and professional developers, and the other carrier versions of the device feature un-lockable bootloaders.

Samsung has blamed Verizon for the locked down bootloader as the company stated that an open bootloader “could prevent Verizon Wireless from providing the same level of customer experience”, as it could possibly impact how the handset connects to the network.

The handset manufacturer continues that any issues by users unlocking the bootloader to install custom software will invalidate the smartphones warranty, and warns that such customized software may cause irreparable damage to the Galaxy S3.

Do you like to install custom ROMs on your Android device and will you be getting the Galaxy S3 Developer Edition?

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