BlackBerry design if Microsoft purchased RIM

I’m sure most in the mobile space are aware of the pain Research In Motion has been experiencing in the mobile arena, and BlackBerry handsets seem to have lost their attraction with users leading to some analysts believing that the only way BlackBerry can survive is for someone such as Microsoft to purchase the company.

But if Microsoft did buy BlackBerry, what would a Microsoft BlackBerry handset possibly look like? Well according to the guys over at Pocket-lint, by way of Yanko Design, designer Michael Bonikowski has come up with a concept design of what a Microsoft BlackBerry with Windows Phone 8 would look like.

Have to say, the designer has made the BlackBerry look quite attractive with a clean interface on a touch screen BlackBerry smartphone, but obviously as this is simply a concept BlackBerry smartphone don’t ever expect it to see the light of day in the mobile space.

It is unlikely that Research In Motion will ever sell off BlackBerry, as Thorsten Heins, the CEO of RIM has already stated that the company has a good chance of regaining strong position within the mobile arena, and as we know RIM is pinning all their hopes or regaining that former mobile glory with the release of BlackBerry 10, which was recently rumoured to have had it release brought forward.

Still, it remains to be seen if RIM can actually turn things around, or will eventually have to consider selling out, but what do our readers think of a Microsoft BlackBerry, would you like to see it happen, or even perhaps an Android BlackBerry?


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry design if Microsoft purchased RIM”

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    metromalenyc says:

    I like the concept design… except for the Blackberry “chrome” around the edge. It just looks tacky in my opinion.

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    harley22x says:

    OMG! Absolutely love this design. If this was a real phone.e, there would be no hesitation to buy!!

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