App2zip the flash your apps and backup perfection

Android users have the opportunity if they so wish, to install custom ROMs onto their device, which allows them to more personalize their smartphone or tablet PC, and for those of you that do such things we have news of the App2Zip application that helps you to flash your apps for backup perfection.

As Talk Android are reporting while it is great installing a custom ROM onto an Android device, the tiresome process of having to backup and restore all of your applications, at the same time of getting your settings correct is at best, a pain. Now help is at hand thanks to the free App2Zip application that allows users to save loads of time by being able to flash apps in recovery after the ROM.

The clever application has been brought to you by SCDevs and takes users current applications and puts them into a custom recovery flashable update.zip file. Then users can flash the ROM update.zip, and then just flash all of their applications in the same recovery session.

To achieve this all users need to do is start up the application and give it root permissions, and then it will create an update.zip. The application is easily enough for all users to make use of, but the app is not confirmed to work on all Android devices though, and the SCDevs go as far as offering a disclaimer that reads“App2zip is in very early stage, does NOT work on some devices, so please first of all make a test to see if it works for you (e.g. backup an app you don’t care much, uninstall it and restore back via CWM recovery). Use at your own risk”.

So to begin with the best option is to test the application on your device just to make sure it will work with it, and if you want to give it a go head over to Google Play to download App2Zip.

Have you used the App2Zip application yet?

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