iPhone 5 threatens to embarrass the Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are an Android dedicated user then the title we have here is a little harsh, it will of course hit a nerve and get many thinking. We have said that the iPhone 5 threatens to embarrass the Samsung Galaxy S3 simply because Foxconn believes that the Apple smartphone will put the SGS3 to shame.

To date the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone has been slated one of the best mobile phones ever to be released, it has a large screen, looks stunningly sleek, very light indeed considering the size and it will obviously break the Android sales record. Apple according to the Examiner is still the top manufacture of smartphones with Samsung coming in at a close second, the only handset that can shame the Samsung phone has to be the iPhone 5 and Foxconn do believe this.

Terry Gou, CEO of Hon Hai, which is owned by the Foxconn factory mentioned at a shareholders meeting that consumers should really wait for the iPhone 5, because this is the phone that will put the Samsung galaxy S3 to shame. Terry Gou said that it is his life’s work to beat Samsung, this is understandable considering Samsung and Foxconn have had a bad relationship with each other.

The iPhone 5 if it really wants to embarrass the SGS3 needs to have a better battery life than the current iPhone 4S, the battery issues at the moment according to our earlier article suggests a September launch, but then of late we have heard rumours of an August release, the display screen needs to be a little bigger judging on the current Android market. The first iPhone’s released so far have a 3.5-inch display, talks of a 3.999-inch display and a 4-inch iPhone 5 display has been mentioned on a few occasions, even talks of resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels has had its mention, new sizes are rumoured to be about be 125mm x 58.5mm x 7.4mm.

Features that will help the iPhone 5 gain even more success: A 3D camera is a good option, but according to the U.S Patent Office Apple plans on bringing to the table a removable rear cover with integrated optical elements, things such as image stabilization, optical zoom, a real flash with its own power source and a mechanical shutter function is indeed possible. How about Bluetooth 4.0, built-in FM radio, WiFi and WiFi-Direct?

Thinking a little deeper into the iPhone 5 features, how about multi-touch point focus, NFC technology, the possibilities’ are endless. What we do know is that the new iPhone 5 will most definitely be something very special and will make you sit back in awe, but it is a little hasty to suggest it will put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame, we all have a choice in what we want to buy that does not give us the right to slag of the competition.

Do you think the iPhone 5 will threaten to embarrass the Samsung Galaxy S3?


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    aldo says:

    Unless it has a humungous screen and runs Android then no…because that’s my favourite feature right now – it has 4.8inch screen but I can’t feel the thing in my pocket.  Everything else is great and it’s not locked down to the Apple way of doing things which for some, like me, is important

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      Lexx_elle says:

      Hey to each his own. At least you gave your honest opinion rather than pointless bashing like most do on here. Respect.

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      John Smith999 says:

      Honestly, if they just re-released the iPhone 3G I would be happy. I don’t want a bigger screen. I don’t want an androfied ios with notifications, mutitasking and all that other stuff… I do my best to switch that off my newer iPod. Retina display just seems pointless. I don’t need a better camera, its still worse than my old digital one. I dont want to videocall or talk to my phone. I just want my iPhone as it was when I got it out the box, new, straight from Apple and fully supported by app developers. Please Apple, in this new iPhone, give me something I want – not gimics I can live without.

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        Schramx4 says:

        You know, I am no longer a fan of the iPhone since the 3GS and all the horrible updates that were done to iTunes.  However, after reading your post I have to say I really and trully agree.  I really did enjoy my iPhone more when it was new out of the box and running the dozen or so extra apps I added.  Makes you think that’s for sure. Like Lexx_elle said, Respect.

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    Atthehop says:

    Why do they think android lovers care about iPhones. If you want to make apple richer then drink the kool aid and get one. The last phone I want is an iPhone second to a windows phone to put more money in gates’s pocket.

    I know a lot of iPhone owners and once you drink the kool aid you think your the best. Boy do they have a lot to learn.

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      Lexx_elle says:

      You have a lot to learn evidently with the way you wrote your sentence. How is an iphone the last phone you want yet second to a windows phone? Quit trying to bash peoples choices and make yourself feel better for wanting what you want. Even though in life im sure you have always picked second rate stuff and try justifying it with your cerebral warfare you play in your head. Your much a sheep as anyone buying anything for the cool factor. Now that youve been exposed try typing something with a little more substance and input…you big dummy.

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        Schramx4 says:

        Wow, Lexx_elle, apparently he struck a cord with you.  I do not agree with everything Atthehop says but you have made yourself look more the fool by attempting to criticize on his comments.  Let’s try to grow up a little and take your own advice and “input something with a little more substance and input”

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      Lexx_elle says:

      You have a lot to learn evidently with the way you wrote your sentence. How is an iphone the last phone you want yet second to a windows phone? Quit trying to bash peoples choices and make yourself feel better for wanting what you want. Even though in life im sure you have always picked second rate stuff and try justifying it with your cerebral warfare you play in your head. Your much a sheep as anyone buying anything for the cool factor. Now that youve been exposed try typing something with a little more substance and input…you big dummy.

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      John Smith999 says:

      Yes, because Samsung makes phones for love not profit…. which ever phone you buy is linning someones pockets 😛

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        Motherof02 says:

         Exactly, every company is only in it for money. So I guess, Atthehop you are not so cool either.

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      4dwyane says:

      I hate my iPhone 4S. I wished I would have kept my SAMSUNG GALAXY S. For me it was better than the iPhone. I am considering breaking my contract for the GALAXY S3. Apple is too secretive about the iPhone 5. Now by now they could have at least let the world know what the phone will look like. They want even give its highlights but has the audacity to say it will be better than the GALAXY S3. Apple is full of bull crap!!! I hate my iPhone.

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        docthefocs says:

        Not to mention FoxCon is a horrible company. Apple is a terrible company, in terms of ethics. 

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    harleyanglemisty1 says:

    They both have Great Phones depending on your preference I’ve had the” 4 “for 2 yrs & luv it a bigger screen would be nice , but still an excellent phone & built beautifully & it’s as perfect as it was when I got it . And the s3 is excellent to I think the only thing that wasn’t what I thought , was the back the plastic back panel . Bit still a beautiful phone . It’s just preferences on the software some people luv iOS & some like Android I like both

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    Arnold Hamadeh says:

    I was an I-Phone user for many of its generations and was pleased about its connectivity to PC, Outlook, transferring Data and Music and Photos. I recently had to buy a new battery, due to longstanding battery problems and finally Samsung Galaxy S 3 appeared. It had larger and better functioning screen, battery was no longer a problem, and it is fast. I still miss I-phone’s connectivity without fuss. I had to purchase a third party program to get some connectivity. I’m still unable to transfer my photos and music without hassles. I hope Samsung Kies will soon be able to weed out the bugs and will connect through WiFi without the hurdles and that will catapult Samsung Galaxy S 3 to really 21st century it poses to be in.

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      RH says:

      Try using drop box, it uploads all of your photos, I am an Iphone user and it totally blew me away

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      Schramx4 says:

      Samsung’s Kies Air is a remarkable piece of software.  I’m not sure if you know this but you can completely sync ANY file or photo over wifi right from your computer’s browser with Kies Air.  I use it quite often to seemlessly transfer items all the time.

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      Steve O'Leary says:

       Um…just plug your phone into your PC via a USB.  A message will popup asking you if you wish to “mount” your phone.  Do so…copy/transfer files to you hearts content.  Or, if over the air, do as Schramx4 or RH says.  I have NEVER had a hassle synching anything with my various ‘droids.

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      Jay says:

      That’s funny because I had an iPhone and hated how it connects with the PC and hated having no other options really.  I prefer the Android system now because it makes everything much much easier and without having to install a ton of bloat onto your computer.  Keep looking around.
      By the way if you ever decide to uninstall iTunes did you know that several services stay installed and running constantly using up your resources?  Apple doesn’t care.

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      Jay says:

      Smart.  That’s what every reasonable person should be saying but there are many, like this article writer, that would pre-order one without knowing any specs or seeing it for themselves.  That’s insanity.

  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a droid through and through. I don’t know about looks. Its hard to tell what Apple will have to unleash. We can imagine quad core capability is a real priority with the competition much improved in terms of hardware.

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    May23 says:

    Can’t wait for the new iPhone. It’s the only option for me. Never owned a Droid and have no interest in owning one. My teenage daughter’s first smart phone was a Droid and she happily traded it for the iPhone 4s. She never looked back.

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      Jay says:

      If you’re calling all Android phones Droids you should do some more research.  Also, if your daughter went from a Droid to an iPhone 4S of course she’d be happy!  That’s like going from a Droid to a Razr, a significant leap.  You can’t compare a two year old phone to a new phone then say “yeah, this newer phone is better.”

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      Jay says:

      Says the person that probably works for AT&T or Verizon or Sprint.  I don’t want to pay for the extra data streaming AND the FM radio uses significantly less power than the cell radio.  I want it.

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    Trejo495 says:

    I have the HTC Thunderbolt and it’s terrible with the battery. I’m looking foward to buying an iphone if possible. I would like to give apple a try that if my Thunderbolt haven’t been updated to jelly bean by then. So let’s what will happends around Aug or Sept….

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        Edward says:


        You are correct!  I purchased an IPod touch a couple of years ago and I wasn’t impressed with it.  My SGS3 on the other hand, is very impressive! 

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    miked says:

    you guys are nerds,all these features mentioned above are pointless except a better camera,just add 4G to the current iphone and its good enough,don’t need any of these stupid features that no one uses for more than 5 min

  9. Yes… I completly believe Foxconn… because the company that make all the iPhones would always be an impartial judge on the fight for smartphone supremacy! Give be a break! 

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    Lhill8181 says:

    I will stick with my s2 and soon to purchase s3 . Foxxcon is a way to hype the iPhone with out apple in the mix.

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    HookedOnTabs says:

    The iPhone is currently so far behind in features and benefits , it needs a lot of improvements to catch up with just the Android average, let alone the cream of the crop Galaxy S 3. The way I see it, if it releases with what we are hearing in rumors, it will have no way to catch up with any phone over 4.5″ in display. Then you need to consider the ” trying wheels factor”. No one with even average tech knowledge will even give it a 2nd look. iPhones are too small, they have the same old boring screens and all the restrictions you can expect with any Apple product.
    I give then points for good cameras and that Is it. Now if my 82 year old Mother needed a smartphone, I would tell her iPhone. She needs training wheels. My little granddaughters have even out grown iPhones and they do fine on Androids. My kids that work in Corporate jobs are switching to Windows based phones for the future interfacing coming up to tie in from phones, to tablets/ (Surface Pro) to workstations. My wife has modest tech skills and she got a new AT&T G S 3 yesterday. She came home yesterday and said look what I picked out today.. Her kids are in their mid 30’s but require iPhone because they were not ready for 4.1.1 Nexus models. I guess that since Apple stuck themselves in the 3.5 to 3.7 display range in order to preserve their app collection, they must have figured out a work around to stretch to 3.99. You have to ask yourself, will this effect the visual quality of those apps?

  12. Not in the least.  The iPhone has been the leader in in features and will probably never be.  They are dependent on a quality product that has a little of the goodies and not all to enhance.  They are not the leaders but the followers, and don’t get me wrong my wife owns a 4s and I own an iPad 3.  My phone is a Galaxy Nexus and I love it.

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    Guest says:

    Limitations of the IOS are whats keeping Apple behind Android. When I had my Iphone I got so bored of it like there was nothing to do. Even Jailbroken it became a boring OS. On the other the open source of the Anrdoid puts it miles ahead of the IOS.

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    Rtran1 says:

    How the hell the iphone5 with 4″(if its truth) screen would put the s3 to shame, i haved the iphone4s for 5 month and never thought , i would buy the s3 but i did buy it with the non commitment for $600 from at&t, when compare the performance to my 4s, the 4s is no match to the s3 beside a nice fancy look its just like pc and mac. Steve Jobs die and apple is on the way to see him

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    Mystuff says:

    And a kettle, I think will the iPhone 5 will have a built in kettle to wake you with Tea in the morning.

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    Darrinbooker98 says:

    Apple revolutionized the cell market,but now is starting to lose ground to android .android has two types of users ,those that r happy with just the stock o s and those who love the fact of customizing if they so choose too. I had an galaxy s vibrant running custom roms , kernals ,bootloader etc for almost 2/1/2 yrs out performing every iPhone generations including 4 with just a single core until I picked up sgs 3. So if u don’t mind buying a new iPhone everytime one is launched then more power to u ,but me ….I’m glad android gave us an unselfish os to expand on

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    henri scheurer says:

    I am feed-up with Apple treating everyone as FOOL. Are they going to put out this iphone 5 or not?

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    allanp says:

    No i dont think apples iphone 5 will embarrass the galaxy s3, indeed i think apple is now trying to catch up, just ask an iphone user to bluetooth some music to a friend using a non apple device, it does not work, this is probably the first thing any user wants to do with there friends, apple is bland , boring and expensive. 

    1. Reply
      BabyTee says:

      LOL…catch up….yes…they are joining the rest of society. But it still wouldn’t work, because then your bluetooth would have to access their itunes account, lol….This is what happens when your technology lives in a caged society.

    2. Reply
      Kaman says:

      So true!

      something as simple as sending a contact or picture via bluetooth cant
      even be done on an iOS device.

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    NathanExplosion says:

    Sensationalist headline fail. Jesus Mark Chubb, how desperate for traffic are you?

  20. “How about Bluetooth 4.0, built-in FM radio, WiFi and WiFi-Direct?”… Just like the S3…
    No matter what hardware they include… It’ll all be presented in the same, boring old iOS… Which is not customisable and, after having a iPhone, then a 3GS, then a 4s.. I am SO bored of – and is the reason i haven’t stopped drooling on my S3.

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    DR. Max says:

     have a Galaxy Note. It is the most fantastic phone I have ever owned. It does fit in my pocket easily because it is so thin, but the screen size is a quick and easy tradeoff for the bigger screen and better aspect ratio. Screen size is everything. Who wants to watch a 19inch TV compared to a 42 inch. We use our eyes for just about everything, emails, surfing, pictures, videos, camera, navigation. With the note I have a navigator as big as the $350 big ones, and just as good. With note I can really watch a video and show my pictures to friends without them being the size of overgrown postage stamps.
    If the Iphone 5 is just 4 inches, who wants that pickanniny, puny screen. I gave up my nexus phone to the Galaxy because of its four inch screen size which seems micro compared the note an the GS3.
    Iphone is way behind.
    Anyone who says the note is too big, just use it for a couple of days and you will never go back to a puny screen again.
    The phone is so damn good, I will be happy to upgrade to the note 2 and pay whatever premium it takes because this is by far the best form factor.
    I have had two iphones before, and both my old nexus, not the new one and the Galaxy note are far, far superior, and I love the way I can transfer files directly and not go through all the rigamoro of itunes!
    Note all the way!

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    Brandon says:

    Can I pull the battery and replace it with a bigger one?   Can I add a 64GB micro sd(sx?)card to it and quadruple the available storage?   Can I access the complete file system with a simple USB cable?   Can I cross load previously downloaded applications and data from one old phone to a new one without a PC?  

    No?   Then I will pass on the iPhone.  

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    Thomas says:

    Not long to go now yay 😉
    FM radio isn’t new, but higher quality than streams and free, should’ve been added to the iPhone years ago. Would also like to higher quality video recording
    And if you do want to customize iOS, that’s what jailbreaking’s for

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    Alex says:

    my mom was an iPhone user from day one and I can’t tell you how much I hate Apple, I have used android since 2009 and would never consider going to Apple, the sgs3 will distort Apple in tech specs, sure you need to be more tech savvy to operate an android but if you have ability to push more than two buttons to do something you can run android

    sent from my nexus s 4g running jelly bean

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    Jennyferfer says:

    Wow the misspellings in these comments are painful. 

    Anyhow, the new IPHONE needs a TALKING GPS. It is just as dangerous to read directions or follow the little blue dot on the map when you are driving as it is to TEXT. Plus a cop won’t know the difference and will surely pull you over thinking you are texting.

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    Draken Sr says:

    Well whatever spec you put down for the iphone is already there for the s3 except for the displ and camera attachments just because it is an iphone you guys make the other specs look like never seen before

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    Jay says:

    Wow this article is biased for Apple.  What sane person could honestly say that a new model of an electronic device will awe them especially when he doesn’t know anything about it!  I won’t be impressed with any device until official word comes out about the specifications and even then do they think it’ll really put the SGIII to same?  Horrible writing at its best.
    Also, this author thinks an FM radio on a phone would be a great new feature… sorry to break your bubble but phones, at least internationally, have had this feature for YEARS.  Hell, phones in other countries can receive TV broadcasts in HD.  It’s the US carriers that remove this feature.
    Wake up before writing your stupid ass articles OK?

    1. Reply
      BabyTee says:

      I got my HTC HD2 in the latter part of 2009 and I had the ability to enjoy FM radio. So, that might be something fantastic for iPhone,lol…which means they are joining the rest of society…Yay!!! ROFL, lol

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    DR. Max says:

    I have a Galaxy Note, and I will never go back to iphone puny 4 inch screen! Screen Size is everything! It is what we use a smartphone for. It is actually usable for surfing, videos, pics reading a book or articles, everything. No postage stamp screen for me. And all this fits in my jeans pocket. And I don’t have to be a slave to itunes, I can connect up my phone to my computer straight and easy. Iphone 5 if it is a 4 inch screen is already obselete long before it comes out! 

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    Awesomeanimaltv says:

    Who was the idiot who wrote this? The sgsiii is hands down the best phone I have ever used. It’s hardware and software are both amazing. The iPhone 5 won’t put it to shame. Apple and Samsung’s flagship devices will obviously both be cool and good in their own ways.

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    Edward says:

    I own the SGS3 and I must say it is the best smartphone I have ever owned.  Previous smartphones I have owned are the Motorola Q, HTC Touch Diamond, Blackberry Tour, and the Motorola Photon 4G.  All were okay phones, but this is the best!  I have been playing with it every since I purchased it.  Can’t seem to put it down.    

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    DarthStrawberry says:

    I want a 64gb S3? Samsung why have you not delivered, I need to know whether a 64gb version is coming to Canadian cellular companies, if not maybe the iodine 5 has a chance after all. As even with the 64gb SD card I will not be satisfied by a company that fails to deliver as advertised.

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    Get out says:

    I’m kinda with the dude about the bias, Apple hate. I’m quiet happy with my 4S and I always personally feel Apple products look better than Androids.

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    iPhoneGuy says:

    We are apple an you can only do what we allow you with your investment
    ……. I was an Apple fanatic for so long an im thinking of going android i was mesing with my friends the other day an i really is better then my iphone iphone 3s an my current i4 you guys should really at least consider looking into droid

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    boris says:

    why is apple constantly making a big deal of a camera….3d? all that people want is to take a normal photo. generally im going to have to go with the samsung galaxy s3 …after the iphone 5 comes out samsung galaxy 4 is guna come out and top the list. …i dont know anything u people but iphone is getin shittier n shittier and im getin tired of it

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    Foxconnisgay says:

    The most biased article I have ever read. The writer is probably sucking apples toes right now. I hate when people care only for the brand name. Remove the apple from the phone and what is it? Nothing anymore. Not much would have an interest into the iphone.

  36. Funny reading this now the iphone is out, and seeing iPhone doesn’t have NFC, Samsung has a better battery, iPhone 5 could be an amazing phone compared to the too large plasticy Samsung, but as the maps are a massive disaster and the places searches in uk are not worth having, the black metal scratches. Then I think it’s fair to say “no iPhone has not embarresed Samsung, apple have embarrassed themselves”

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    JG209 says:

    I actually made a switch from a terrible flip phone I had to the 3Gs when it came out. The iPhone was my first foray into the smartphone world. For me, I’m not sticking with iPhone for the flash, the glory, the right to say I have the latest apple product, etc. it just works for me. With it being my first smart phone back when 3Gs came out, I spent a good amount on apps. I wouldn’t want to lose my now extensive app collection by switching to an android.

    The main thing, however, is that it does what I need it to do. It works great and I’ve found many apps to cover my needs and then some. I prefer the app community over the fact that its an apple product. Streaming apps to an Apple TV is nice, having Dropbox work flawlessly is a plus, and tons of other day to day apps I use keep me in iOS. Sure android can probably do all of this easily as we’ll, but why switch to android for the sake of switching when my current phone is working just fine? I upgraded to the iPhone 5 and its leaps and bounds better than my last in regards to speed and data usage in my city. So overall I enjoy it and ill stick with it. When it DOESN’T do what I need it to do, I’d jump ship to a new OS in a heartbeat. But for now, I just don’t NEED to.

    Also, as a side note, I work on games with the Unreal Engine and it will only work on PC and iOS, so it’s good for me to also have an iOS device for that simple reason. So of course, there’s many people with legitimate reasons to want to use one phone over another so I don’t think anyone should be getting defensive if someone doesn’t use te same phone as them. They may not have to. (Same goes for people with iPhones that bash android users. It’s pointless).

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