BlackBerry Armstrong & HTC Era 42 for T-Mobile spied

If your preferred carrier happens to be T-Mobile, it appears that they will be adding a couple of new devices to their offering come September, in the form of the Era 42 from HTC, and the BlackBerry Armstrong, which are apparently due to hit T-Mobile as of the 26th of that month.

According to a report by Phone Arena, David over at TmoNews was given a spy shot that shows that T-mobile will be getting the HTC Era 42 and BlackBerry Armstrong, but the shot reveals little else about the smartphones.

Apparently some are speculating that the HTC Era 42 is actually a successor to the T-Mobile G1, as the G1 carried the codename of Era G1, so I guess it is possible. Whilst the guys suggest the addition of the ’42’ could represent the handset will be HSPA+ rated for 42Mbps, but that is pure guesswork at this time.

When it comes to that BlackBerry Armstrong for T-Mobile, well unfortunately if you were thinking it was possibly a BlackBerry 10 handset you will be disappointed,as we all know they are not coming out to play just yet. So in fact the BlackBerry Armstrong is the low-end BlackBerry Curve 9320, and virtually identical to the Verizon and Boost Mobile Curve 9310.

So as for that BlackBerry Armstrong there’s no real need to get excited, but as this info on the HTC Era 42 is simply guesswork it is difficult to say what the handset will offer and remains a bit of a mystery, but of course we will pass anything along to our readers as and when we hear.

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