iPhone Phocus camera case for blissful photography

Now that we are in the age of the smartphone there isn’t really a need if you are into photography to carry a digital camera with you all the time, as your smartphone can capture pretty good photos; however the more ardent picture snapper is always looking to improve on their smartphones camera’ capability, and this is where a smartphone camera case comes into play.

Today we have a camera case for the consideration of those that own an iPhone, in the form of the Phocus for iPhone camera case. According to the guys over at TUAW, the Phocus for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is available in two versions, a two lens kit and a three lens kit.

The Phocus two lens kit consists of a wide angle lens and a removable macro lens and commands a price tag of $99.95, whilst the three lens kit has the above but also comes with a 2X portrait telephoto lens and commands a price of $134.95.

The iPhone Phocus camera case is much lighter than its predecessor as it is made from composite material and apparently improves hand held stability, whilst delivering access to all your iPhone ports and buttons, along with allowing for tripod and monopod mounting.

The TUAW guys have come up with a few pros and cons with the Phocus camera case for the iPhone, and those pros are that the iOS smartphone accessory is well constructed, lightweight, and includes lens that are good for wide angle and close up macros for the iPhone. When it comes to the cons, the guys say the Phocus case might not work with the iPhone 5 when it comes out, there is some barrel distortion of images taken with the wide angle lens, and the cost of the SLR lens adapter $219.95, is somewhat high.

However, if you would think that the Phocus for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is the camera case for you, you can purchase either the two lens kit, or the three lens kit by hitting up smartphocus.com.


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    no pun intended but this review is useless without pictures… let’s see comparison of before and after..

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